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Waiter and Waitress Stations

Natalie Kimball

Find the right waiter and hostess stations for your restaurant

With so many details to consider when you open a restaurant, choosing the right waiter and hostess stations may not be at the top of your list. However, they are important and essential pieces of restaurant furniture that help the business run smoothly and help your employees provide better service.

Waiter stations and hostess stations look very similar in appearance. They both have a large, flat surface for staff to work on and include drawers and cabinets for storage.

Fully stocked waiter stations include pitchers for refilling glasses, beverage napkins, straws, drink garnishes and any other materials that help your waiters and waitresses do their job. Place the stations in strategic locations around the restaurant so they are easily accessible to waitstaff and out of the patrons' way.

Host and hostess stations serve the very same purpose. They enable staff to provide better service and are one of the first things your guests see when they enter the restaurant. When you shop for waiter or host stations, remember the following:

1. Select from plastic, laminate and metal waiter and waitress stations.

2. Waiter stations come in varying sizes to suit different spaces.

3. Expand the waiter stations with add-on storage space.

Choose the waiter station and host station to fit the restaurant decor

When you open a high-end restaurant, the waiter and host stations need to be of the highest quality. Choose products created by reliable waiter station manufacturers that are made from metals, high-end laminates or quality woods. When you open a more informal restaurant, save money and choose less expensive waiter stations, such as those made from particle board.

Purchase the waitress stations and hostess stations to fit in the space

Determine where to place waitress stations and hostess stations within the restaurant. Measure the length, width and height of those identified spaces. Find suitable stations to fit those dimensions at local or nationwide waiter station suppliers.

Consider waitress stations that can be outfitted with hutches or top shelves

Some waiter stations can be expanded with hutches or top shelves. Give your staff added storage space and save important floor space at the same time.
  • Designate an employee to keep waiter and host stations fully stocked and organized at all times during operating hours. Disorganized waiter and host stations make staff lose valuable time when serving patrons. Pre-stock the stations before each shift and restock them throughout each shift.
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Natalie Kimball