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Walk in coolers are a must-have item for many types of businesses. Restaurants, cafes and floral shops all need commercial coolers to ...

Walk in coolers are a must-have item for many types of businesses. Restaurants, cafes and floral shops all need commercial coolers to keep food or flowers fresh. Most large restaurants opt to have a walk in cooler and sometimes a walk in freezer to store perishable food items that have to be purchased in bulk, and then a smaller refrigerator for the kitchen for easy access. The key to buying a walk in cooler is to plan ahead before the construction of your kitchen is finished. Before you buy consider:

1. How much space you have available.
2. How much refrigerated or frozen storage space you need.
3. If you need to have special electricity or if you have drainage considerations.

The ABCs of walk in coolers

There are many different kinds of walk in coolers and walk in freezers. Available in dozens of standard sizes and custom sizes, commercial coolers come in a variety of materials, outside metal “skins”, insulation materials and refrigeration systems.
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Installing a walk in freezer or cooler

Some manufacturers have made the process of installing commercial walk in freezers so easy that you can do it yourself!

Buy used commercial coolers

By purchasing used walk in freezers at deeply discounted prices, you can cut down on your start-up costs of your new business.
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Walk in cooler materials

Walk in coolers and freezers have traditionally been made of a stainless steel shell. But today’s materials include fiberglass-reinforced plastic that prevents sweating and denting, stucco embossed aluminum and stucco embossed galvanized steel.

Take your walk in freezer or cooler mobile

If your business often provides on-site catering, you may want to invest in a mobile walk in cooler. Mobile coolers are simply coolers that have a trailer tongue that enables you to pull them from location to location. Businesses that transport and deliver perishables, such as florists or seafood companies also rely on mobile coolers. And standalone restaurants can also benefit from mobile coolers during power outages.

Walk in cooler/freezer combos

Restaurants and supermarkets often need both walk in coolers and walk in freezers to keep products at two different temperatures. If you don’t have the space or budget for two different walk ins, think about purchasing a combo unit.

Floral walk in coolers

Restaurants don’t have the market cornered on the need for commercial coolers. Florists need to have walk in coolers to keep flowers cool before they make their way into arrangements.

Outdoor walk in coolers

If you don’t have space for a large walk in cooler or freezer, another option is to purchase one that is made specifically for the outdoors.

Rent or lease a walk in freezer or cooler

If you don’t need a permanent walk in cooler or freezer, or if it isn’t in your start-up budget to invest in one, think about renting for short-term needs or leasing for long-term usage.

  • Some walk in coolers and freezers don’t come as a six-sided box, but instead come with four sides and a ceiling. These type of walk ins need to be placed on concrete or another type of floor that will not allow the refrigeration to escape.
  • To save the most on your energy bills, consider the placement of your walk in cooler. Placing it in a cool spot of the building cuts down on how hard the refrigeration system will have to work. Outdoor coolers or freezers are usually best in cooler climates.
  • Lower-priced walk in coolers may cost more in the long run due to higher energy expenses.

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