Want to Reach a Millennial? Here Are 6 Must Follow Marketing Tips

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you can master marketing to millennials, you can do pretty much anything. Here are 6 marketing tips to get your started.

Take it from me, a fellow Millennial.

We're not always easy to understand, let alone market to. What we like changes on a daily basis.

We can go from being avid Snapchatters to obsessive Periscopers in a matter of minutes.

With that said, as a marketing or business professional, it's important for you to stay focused when marketing to my fellow Gen Y-ers.

Here are some tips to help give you a jump start. 

1. Lifestyle Branding Goes a Long Way

You want to create an identity that solidifies purchasing behaviors. Studies show that Millennials actually associate their identity with what they buy. This is no surprise. Millennials look for personal relevance.

They want to know that the brands they associate with properly represent and enhance their lifestyle. But, if the shoe fits, Millennials will remain loyal to their brand of choice for a long time. 

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2. Don't Miss the "Real Time" Opportunity

Millennials love engaging with real time content. Facebook livestream has taken off as of late, because people love the concept of being "live", and interacting with their favorite influencers in real time. When it comes to real time content production, you have to be on your A-game.

Use tools like BuzzSumo or Google Trends to identify current hot topics. Remember, with real time interaction, you want to get the most bang for your buck. If you choose to open up discussions about hot bed issues, you'll get a ton more digital engagement. 

Studies prove that Millennials crave experiences over things. This desire is driven by the FOMO, or fear of missing out. I can totally attest to this feeling. As a fellow Gen Y-er, I find myself getting caught up in "keeping up." Real time interaction helps eliminate this fear.

3. Produce Content in Multiple Formats

Infographics, long form text posts, webinars, video tutorials, short guides. The content possibilites are endless. Before going content crazy, figure out what your customers actually like. For example, videos might fair better for those who aren't into reading or long form educational content.

If your customers enjoy the real time factor, give webinars a try. Before giving one method the axe, make sure you've invested enough time into proper testing and execution. Your content should always offer value and be easy to digest. 

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4. Build a "Tribe" or Community

If you focus on number one, building a lifestyle brand, you'll notice that a community starts to rally around your cause. Embrace this community. These are "your people." These will be your loyal shoppers. These will be your word of mouth ambassadors. Value their engagement.

Make sure they feel like they really are a part of something greater. If you're building a successful lifestyle brand, this should happen with little to no effort. 

5. Why Not Try Texting?

Millennials are addicted to their smartphones. Scratch that. Humans in general are addicted to their smartphones. According to this infographic, four out of five Millennials owns a smartphone and the average Millennial receives 1,752 texts per month.

Why not capitalize on this mobile communication opportunity? Speaking from my own personal experinece, I'm obsessed with my phone. Seriously, it's never more than an arm's length away. And once again, speaking from experience, every time I receive a text offer, I read it, and in most cases, redeem that offer. When was the last time you didn't read a text message?

6. Sounds Crazy, but Word of Mouth Is Still a Thing

The Millennials do rely on word of mouth, but it's not always spoken word. When surveyed, a group of U.S. Millennials reported that they are most influenced by family, friends and strangers. So pretty much everyone.

These influential messages can take form in a Facebook chat, text message, phone call, Snapchat, and more. It's not about face-to-face conversations. It's more about the instant recommendation that's backed by trust.

Here's the real truth. When it comes to marketing for Millennials, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other options, and ways to reach these Gen Y-ers. And, the best part? It changes on the daily. 

Looking for a quick takeaway? When marketing to Millennials, keep the following tips in mind.

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It's All About Identity Formation

You want your brand to enhance and promote a certain lifestyle. If your products don't promote a certain type of identity association, then you'll struggle cultivating long term customer relationships. 

Quality Over Quantity, Especially When It Comes to Social Media Touchpoints

There's no reason for you to post on Facebook 10 times a day. Realistically, your fans or followers aren't checking their phone on the top of the hour, every hour.

With any luck, they will see one to three of your posts a day. Beyond that, you're simply diluting your content. Got more Millennial marketing tips? Reach out to me on social media, and I'll add them to an updated list. 

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