Checklist for Web Analytics / Business Intelligence / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

This checklist for web analytics will help you identify your needs and compare vendors to save you money.

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Chances are, you know that creating a stellar website for your business or brand is invaluable. Your online presence allows for customers to learn more about your company or even make purchases, but what can you learn from those customers? Thanks to web analytics, you can access valuable data about the type of people that are interacting with your website.

Analytics provide insight on the behavior of visitors to your site, and utilizing this data to optimize the functionality of your website can result in increased leads, sales, and customer retention. A variety of web analytics vendors have emerged over the past few years, with each offering something a little different than the rest. But what is it exactly that your company needs to track? Mobile analytics? Blog traffic? Download our free Web Analytics Checklist in order to identify your needs and the best options for you.

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