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By Andrea Buginsky
Business.com / Technology Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

A web seminar service, or webinar, will allow you to set up seminars on the web that you can host for clients or employees spread out ...

A web seminar service, or webinar, will allow you to set up seminars on the web that you can host for clients or employees spread out in many different areas. If you have clients in different areas of the world that you need to do a presentation for, a webinar is a great way to host one without worrying about where to have everyone meet. They can all log on to your webinar service provider and be in the same meeting from their different locations. You can set webinars up for your company meetings so employees who are out of town will be able to attend.

The first step to setting up a webinar is finding a webinar company that offers the features you want to use in your webinar. You can research webinar information over the Internet, search through a webinar list and select a web seminar service company that offers everything you need to host your webinars.

1. Search the Internet to learn about different webinar services.

2. Research different webinar providers, and select one that will work for you.

3. Set up your webinars using the provider you selected.

Learn about different webinar services

There are many different webinar providers, and each one offers their own, unique services. Some offer audio and video conferencing; some allow you to host webinars directly through their web site, for a fee; and some provide you with software you'll have to set up and use. Before you can decide what provider to use, you'll want to compare different webinar services and determine which one will meet your needs.

Find a webinar provider

Once you determine what type of webinar service you'll need, you're ready to find a provider. There are many different providers, but choosing one that can offer you different services may be your best bet. These providers will grow with your business, allowing you to host smaller webinars now, but providing the services you'll need to host larger seminars in the future.

Set up a webinar

After you have selected your webinar provider, you'll want to know everything you can do with it to get your money's worth. One way of doing this is by sharing experiences of using webinars with other users, and by finding information to help you use your webinar service to its full potential.
  • Learn more about using a webinar by attending a web seminar about them.

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