Weighing the Benefits of Postage Meters for Your SMB

Business.com / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Any business spending more than $50 a month on mail can save by using a postage meter. There are many options to consider - we make it easy.

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According to ExpertMarket US, any organization spending more than $50 per month on mail can see costs savings by harnessing the benefits of an automated postage solution. 

There are many key factors to consider when shopping for postage meter solutions such as, outgoing mail volume per month, outgoing mail volume per batch, mail size and weight, supported mail items (like postcards, letters, or small packages), shipping labels, and automatic vs. manual feed mechanisms. 

And those are just the most basic considerations. There are still needs to address when it comes to authorized access, expense tracking, payment options, and more. 

The Business.com Guide to Postage Meters will simplify the buying process by providing the following:

  • An explaination of the common features to look for.
  • Detailed information on the advanced options available.
  • The truth behind common postage meter myths.
  • A breakdown of hidden costs than can bust your budget. 
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