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What Can You Learn from Intelligent Website Analytics Tools?

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Smart businesses that are data-driven are more successful. Those businesses report 33 percent higher revenue and 12x the revenue growth.

Smart businesses that are data-driven are more successful. Those businesses report 33 percent higher revenue and 12x the revenue growth of other businesses.

In order for data to yield those kind of results, the right people need to have access to the data, they need to understand it and they have to know how to apply the data when making decisions.

Robert Glazer at Convince and Convert says data-driven marketing decisions might be a mistake, while Mark Flaharty, executive vice president of advertising at SundaySky, says “arguably, the most important evolution in the history of marketing is the ability to understand what data you have, what data you can get, how to organize and, ultimately, how to activate the data.”

Uprank is a new advanced research tool that helps marketers analyze their website so they can build a digital marketing strategy in the form of comprehensive tasks. When synced with Google Analytics, it’s an intelligent tool that provides marketers with both the data and the solutions they need.

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Here is what Uprank analyzed on my website:


Besides analyzing your website’s title tag, meta description and headings, Uprank also analyzes your website’s content quality, keyword usage and URL structure. One of the most interesting notations for my website was the Text/HTML ratio.

According to Uprank, “although Text/HTML ratio does not influence the search engines directly, it is an essential factor for improving user experience, page load time and faster indexing which further improves your rankings on search engines.” It’s good to have a text to HTML ratio that is more than 25 percent. My website’s Text/HTML ratio is 10.9 percent.


Under the architecture section in the Uprank dashboard, users will find data related to their website’s W3C validity, canonicalization, crawlability and warnings about any content blockers present on their website.

There was a canonicalization warning on my website that read “rel=canonical tag not found.” To rectify that, Uprank offered the following recommendation: We recommend using rel=canonical tags and ensuring proper implementation of 301 redirects.

User Experience

Uprank says their team has performed experiments that prove a website’s click-through rate is used as a scale to define the website’s search engine ranking position. In the user experience section of the dashboard, CTR is just one of the ten items analyzed. Load time and page speed are two more. For years, Google has counted load time and page speed as site ranking factors.

A recent Search Engine Watch article says, “the Top Heavy algorithm targets websites that keep their content under a huge array of banners, ads, and other non-user-oriented material. If your site requires users to scroll past ads or if you don’t have much content "above the fold," Google thinks, ‘that's not a very good user experience’ and penalizes you accordingly.

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Mobile Friendliness

Under the mobile friendliness section in the dashboard, Uprank monitors things like: App Install Interstitials, Mobile Viewport, Mobile Typography, Above-the-fold Content, Touchscreen Target Size and Minify Resources.

In September 2015, Google announced that websites using app interstitials that hide a "significant amount of content" will not be considered mobile friendly and thus won't benefit from Google’s mobile friendly search ranking boost. Uprank helps eliminate the guesswork.

Minification refers to the process of removing unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the resource is processed by the browser. This process helps improve my website’s speed. Uprank flagged my website in two areas: Minify Css and Minify HTML.

Other Suggested Intelligent Tools

Clicky is an intelligent web analytics tool that provides real-time analytics. Users can view individual visitors and action, Twitter analytics, Google search rankings, and video analytics. Clicky also includes Spy View. This feature allows users to observe what current web visitors are doing on the website.

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Kissmetrics allows users to track the behavior of individual website visitors. This intelligent tool allows users to identify how user behaviors change over time. Kissmetrics users can see how website visitors interact with the website, helping them identify various patterns over a period of time.

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