What's on the Menu at Your Business?

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Whether your boards are large or small, contain a lot of information or just the basics, you want to make sure your message is properly...

If your business finds you catering to the public with one or a number of products to offer, you definitely want the right message to come across.

Display boards, menus and more can get that message across so that less customer questions leads to more time to spend money on your product and/or products.

Whether your boards are large or small, contain a lot of information or just the basics, you want to make sure your message is properly displayed so your customers, both regular and potential, can efficiently determine what order they want to place with you and your staff.

Make the Message Clear and Effective

If your business is displaying offerings and prices for customers to choose from, take several steps to provide the right message.

Among the things to consider are:

  • Digital menu boards -- With this type of advertising, you offer customers a modern and attractive look. The menu can be continuously updated, not like the older boards that had to be changed manually whenever one wanted to provide different information for their clients;
  • Designated menus -- If you're operating a restaurant for instance, having a separate breakfast, lunch and dinner menu makes sense. While it does initially mean extra work and costs for print, it makes it easier for customers to decide what they want to purchase in just a few pages, opposed to turning through a bigger menu and looking for specific meals at a specific time of day;
  • Roadside attractions -- In the event your business is advertising outside, you want to attract passersby without completely distracting them. Having a digital display is good as long as the information is not flowing too quickly. If the information is moving too fast, it can be easily missed. This may mean it's better to opt for a standard board that has the same information on it for each promotion etc., therefore those passing by are more likely to remember it;
  • Keep the information updated -- There is nothing worse than having outdated information available for your customers. If the prices have changed recently, be sure they are updated. If it is in a digital display, that is easy to do. In case you have menus or other reading products where prices have changed and you don't want to print up new books, menus etc. at least update the information with a note inside the menu for instance. Customers who think they're paying one thing and find out they're paying another are not exactly going to rush back to you.

No matter what your menu, display board etc. offers, make sure the information is easy to ascertain, is continuously updated and looks professional.

From pitching coffee to medical products, convey your message so that the new customer becomes a regular customer sooner rather than later.

Photo credit: sprcoffee.com

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