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Let It Go: Outsource These Tasks to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

By Goutham Bhadri
Business.com / Managing / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

You're busy. Outsourcing helps you do more for your business, so stop trying to do it all. Get these things off your plate today.

One of the most scarce things in your life is time. As a business owner, you’re constantly rushing from one job to the next, putting out fires and actively working to build your company. It’s a busy job and one that requires help.

Sometimes, you can’t hire that help to work for your business full-time.

Sometimes, you need to employ the expertise of an outside contractor or agency to get you to the level you need to be.

This is a scary time. You’re often met with hesitation wondering whether a certain task should be handled internally or if you should give it to a third party contractor.

Here are the most important three areas of your business to outsource if you want to save time and grow.

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1. Your Taxes

Let’s face it. It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations when it comes to taxes. Every year there is a new law that you must follow. Trying to research it all is a big enough job for one person full-time, let alone someone who is already wearing sixteen other hats.

If your business isn’t to the point yet where you can hire a full time tax accountant to handle all of your various taxes, outsourcing this to a tax accountant is a wise idea. This isn’t an area where you want to take any risks. Making one mistake could be enormously costly.

Taxes can also become a huge time drain to the amature accountant. This is not an area where you need to be devoting significant chunks of your day. After all, time is already a scarce commodity for you. Leave the detailed work to a professional and you’ll sleep better at night knowing it’s done right.

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2. Your Accounting

Accounting or bookkeeping falls in a similar vein. It requires someone who knows the intricacies of handling journal entries and properly tracking expenses. This one task can eat up hours of your time if you’re not well-versed in how to do it.

If neither you or anyone on your team is a numbers or accounting expert, it’s a wise idea to hand the reigns over to someone who can manage it all. This will help you understand more about your cash flow so you can identify new areas where you can make money. Having an accountant on your side could potentially pay off in the long run.

3. Your Website

Having a good website can make or break your business. A well-designed website helps you get found by people searching for your business. More importantly, it helps convert that interested audience into customers, which is essential to driving revenues in your business.

There are several components to a quality website. Some include:

  • The overall experience a person has when he or she lands on your pages
  • The message you send through your copy
  • The non-verbal signals you send through the imagery you use

If you miss any one of these or any other important components, you’re missing out on valuable sales. Although you might think you have a solid understanding of what your customer needs to hear from you, there could be areas you’re not targeting. That’s where outsourcing benefits you.

Getting an outsider’s perspective on your website will help you find the holes that are costing you money. It’ll also help you identify and update areas where you could convert more visitors into buyers. It’s this unbiased, third-party expert opinion that’s invaluable to businesses wanting to get more out of their digital presence.

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Don’t Let Outsourcing Scare You

I’ll warn you. It can feel scary handing over something as important as your taxes, accounting or digital marketing to an outside agency, but the results are well worth it.

Outsourcing doesn’t mean you stop being involved in these operations. Instead, it means that you have an opportunity to keep a stronger pulse on what’s happening in your business so you don’t get burned unnecessarily.

It’ll also give you the opportunity to add income by finding new revenue streams you didn’t know existed.

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