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What to Tweet & When for Killer Trade Show Marketing

Timothy Carter
Timothy Carter
Chief Revenue Officer at SEO.co

Birds to tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Ah yes, Twitter. How does one master the 140 character tweet? For some businesses it’s more like, “what’s the point of Twitter?” What to tweet, who does the tweeting and when? All great questions and they need to be thought about and planned for before standing on the trade show floor with people walking by.

Trade show marketing can be a challenge in and of itself with people walking up to your booth, people engaged in conversation, people participating in contests, and visitors are looking for tradeshow giveaway items without adding more stress to the team by adding social media to the day.

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So Why Tweet?

More and more business professionals can be found to have a Twitter profile. Even more companies have their own Twitter accounts. Being able to connect with potential customers, deepen relationships with existing customers and develop friendships with people who become your brand evangelists who share anything and everything your company has or does is the ultimate social “word of tweet marketing”. Twitter really should be your best friend at a trade show.

Here are a few tips and strategies to help you and your business maximize your time, increase your exposure and visitors to your booth at the trade show via Twitter.

Plan Tweets In Advance

Using Buffer, or Hootsuite, you can schedule out tweets at regular intervals during your time on the trade show floor. Have a contest or a giveaway? Plan out tweets to remind people of it and/or when it ends with your contest hashtag (you did think of that right?) to increase more exposure for your business. Planning out tweets in advance can take the pressure off to get it all done.

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There Can Be Only One

Decide who is going to be the social media point person for your team. Do you have a social media person on your team at the show? That would be ideal as you don’t want to have your top salesperson distracted by their phone when they should be connecting with people are visiting. If you don’t have a social media coworker at the show, the person chosen does have to be socially savvy with their phone or tablet to implement the following:

Tap into the Trade Show Event’s Hashtag

Nearly all trade shows and expos have a hashtag associated with their event. All tweets during the event should include the event’s hashtag.

  • Tweet your booth number so attendees and people in the media can stop by your booth.
  • Tweet pictures of your team at the show with your products, pictures of your booth and/or with people who are attending the show who have visited your booth.
  • Tweet pictures of your giveaway swag.
  • Tweet facts about your product and/or service that you’re presenting at the show.
  • Tweet pictures of your contest prizes.
  • Tweet pictures of cool things you’ve seen at the show.
  • Tweet interesting facts you heard from a keynote speaker.
  • Tweet a short video clip of a testimonial from a happy customer.

Don’t forget to ENGAGE on Twitter too!

Reply to people who’ve tweet back at you. Retweet (RT) something someone else has shared at the show you found to be of interest. Retweet what is being tweeted by the trade show event marketer. Retweet other exhibitors. It’s always good to support the community there exhibiting as well.

Implementing a few of these ideas on what to tweet can help draw more visitors to your trade show booth, connect with people interested in your product or services and increase your brand visibility. Twitter can be a valuable asset to your tradeshow marketing plan.

What other ways have you or your business used Twitter that has been successful in driving traffic to your booth?

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Timothy Carter
Timothy Carter
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Timothy Carter is the Director of Business Development for the Seattle-based content marketing & social media agency AudienceBloom. When Timothy isn't telling the world about the great work his company does, he's planning his next trip to Hawaii while drinking some Kona coffee.