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What's Wrong With My Business?

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

Business folks have long pondered how to resolve nagging problems. Many of these problems are self-inflicted and as a result of our tendency to deny our involvement they are also self-perpetuating. What can we do to stop this vicious cycle? It's not rocket science, that's for sure.


I see it over and over- people trying everything to fix a problem and getting nowhere. They figure if they're not fixing it right now, they're wasting time. If we spent more time getting to the root of our problems we'd be able to fix them properly- the first time. The amount of money, time and effort that could be saved by solving the real problem is staggering.

Eyes Wide Open

Many folks do seek the root cause of their problems, however many of those same people like to blame their problems on someone else. When seeking the root cause of a problem, all stones must be turned over and that includes the sacred ones. If you want real answers then you have to look everywhere- yes, that includes looking at YOU!

You Are Not Alone

There is a tendency for people in positions of power to assume responsibility for problem-solving. While it's true they have a broader group of stakeholders to serve, it's often those in "the trenches" that have the most valuable insight to share. The process of identifying why things are not working is best not done in a management vacuum. Reach out to the people that know the processes best.

The Forest and the Trees

Whether you created or acquired them, you're not going to solve your problems unless you change the way you look at things. Root cause analysis is one way of focusing on the why and it creates objectivity in the problem resolution process. It also takes discipline and a considerable amount of acceptance; if you're not able or willing to take those steps a fresh set of eyes may be the best answer.

Muddled as we are by our egos, fears and the minutiae that surround a situation, it's sometimes best to bring in an objective third party. I am not advocating for the surrender of the resolution process to an external party. I'm suggesting that we broaden our perspective. The objectivity of the third party is sometimes just what is needed to understand what is going on.

Problems are a staple of business- whether we create them, acquire them or stumble upon them, we must first know them. Until we know our enemy, we are not equipped to deal with them.

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Ed Drozda
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