Which of the Two Major Satellite TV Providers is Best?

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Satellite rules over cable and there are two major players in the satellite TV industry. See which one is right for your SMB.

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What do break rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, and dining rooms have in common? They all have one crucial element: the television. Regardless of which room(s) the television resides, you’re going to need some additional service to get it running the way your customers and employees need it: satellite TV.

Why not cable, you ask?

Due to channel availability, security, and the option for multiple TVs, satellite is the better choice for businesses. On top of that, the two major satellite providers offer competitive pricing for service.

Before deciding on a satellite TV provider, it’s important to consider the variables of each service. DishTV and DirectTV are the two major satellite players in the U.S., and each of them offers a variety of packages to choose from.

Though the cable and satellite market is changing dramatically in homes across America due to the continued growth of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Roku, satellite TV is still the best option for businesses as their needs differ greatly.

When choosing the best solution for your business, use the Business.com Satellite TV Comparison Chart to see the differences between Dish Networks and DirectTV side-by-side.

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