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Who Said There's No "I" In Team?

By Ed Drozda, writer
Jan 19, 2017
> Human Resources

Remember the old saying- “there's no "I" in team”? Everybody says it’s true but I just don’t get it. From my point of view, a team is comprised of “I's”.

A team is comprised of people, each of them a unique individual, an "I". When we come together as a team we don’t shed our uniqueness. Can you imagine what it would be like if we did? We each bring our “I” and there are many advantages to it:

  • Range of ideas-individuals bring their unique experience, expertise and perspective to the table. The result is a broader range of ideas to aid in reaching the goals the team seeks to achieve.
  • Value of differences- we don’t all see things the same way. The resulting differences foster debate, exploration and possibility. In the end, the outcome is more deeply examined and the probability of achieving success increases.
  • Checks and balances- all those “I’s” provide a system of checks and balances. What one person fails to recognize may be picked up by another. The team is able to validate its efforts as a result of the uniqueness of its members.
  • Array of talents- each team member contributes unique ideas as well as unique talents. Each of us excels at certain things- the team benefits from the combined talents that its members possess.

Do you still feel there’s no “I” in team?

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Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda
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