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The clothing industry is an ever-changing one, which makes having knowledge of the latest trends and news even more important in ...

The clothing industry is an ever-changing one, which makes having knowledge of the latest trends and news even more important in clothing wholesale than other business sectors. New clothes that echo the latest styles need to be found each and every season.

Developing a great, long-standing relationship with a clothing wholesaler is important, but not as important as being aware of changes in trend, price, materials used and construction. Stay on top of wholesale clothing news and trends in order to do the following:

1. See the latest styles and newest trends available in wholesale clothing.

2. Score the best rates and lowest prices from clothing wholesalers.

3. Connect with new wholesale clothes manufacturers to diversify your product line.

Meet wholesale clothing distributors at trade shows

Trade shows are the most time and money-efficient way to shop around for wholesalers clothing. Hundreds of designers, manufacturers and distributors come together in one small area to show their best work.

Subscribe to wholesale clothing newsletters

Fashion industry newsletters will keep buyers up-to-date on new industry standards and trends, as well as up-and-coming manufacturers, distributors and designers. Newsletters also contain listings for industry events and offer ways to connect with other professionals.

Associate with other wholesale clothing professionals

Network with other fashion industry professionals and learn the tricks-of-the-trade of fashion distributors and merchandisers. Join associations to meet other professionals, make contact with industry leaders, get educational opportunities in seminars and trade shows and get access to exclusive manufacturers and distributors.
  • Pay close attention to fashion trends found in fashion magazines and designer catalogues, which will give you specific examples of the styles each wholesale clothing distributor will be trying to sell.
  • Find a brand or designer line of clothing that you like, and shop around wholesale clothing distributors until you get the best price. Even if you do not want to use another distributor, you can use the information as leverage.

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