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Write Like a Pro: How to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Julie Petersen

A professional has no excuses: you must excel in all aspects of communication.

Although the interaction with customers and potential clients has come down to social networking, you can’t limit yourself to abbreviations, Internet slang, and carelessly written status updates that make you seem illiterate.

If you want to be a successful manager, executive, marketer, or any other professional involved in business, you have to pay attention to your writing skills.

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7 Reasons to Improve Your Writing Skills

Before we proceed with the part where you’ll get practical tips on improving your writing skills, let’s examine the reasons for investing time, effort, and finances in such goal.

1. You’ll Inspire Your Coworkers

When you know how to use the right word at the right time, you’ll be able to send inspiring reminders and email messages to your team. Your writing style should express your energetic, sharp personality.

2. You’ll Boost Your Authority

You can’t address a potential business partner without paying attention to the tone, style, and form of the message you send. If you want to leave an authoritative impression, you have to improve your writing skills.

3. Your Ideas Will Become More Convincing

Business writing is all about persuasion. However, your reports, messages, blog posts, and social media updates cannot give away an impression that you’re trying too hard. It’s all about nuances. Some people have it naturally, but most of us have to learn how to develop a proper business writing tone.

4. You’ll Express Your Creativity

Has your company come up with a new product or service? Of course, you need to write a catchy slogan and develop a creative campaign for it! You can’t do that without advanced writing skills.

5. You’ll Connect With Your Team

A leader has to communicate with his employees through messages and emails. If you overlook this aspect of teamwork, you’ll look like someone who doesn’t care too much about supervision.  

6. You Simply Need to Write!

It doesn’t matter how much you’re trying to avoid writing; you’ll inevitably come to a point when you need to order equipment or send an email to someone. If the messages are disorganized and unclear, you’ll instantly ruin the impression people have about you.

7. You’ll Avoid Confusion Through a Clear Message

The success of a business is based on a clear message. If your writing causes misunderstandings, you’ll risk the achievement of your company’s goals.


How Can You Boost Your Business Writing Skills?

1. Plan Before You Write!

When it comes to business writing, you can’t leave things to chance. Every step needs to be well-planned. What impression are you trying to leave? What actions should the audience undertake once they read your content? Organize your thoughts and construct a plan. Only then you can proceed to write.

The Story Starter is an idea generator that sparks your imagination with a random starting point that enables you to develop a message or story around it. Of course, this won’t work for a serious business report or another type of document, but it will be useful when you’re trying to craft an inspirational presentation or marketing campaign.

2. Write a Clear, Direct Message

Business slang is acceptable only when you’re communicating with your partners. Potential collaborators and customers might not understand your puns and attempts to sound smart. You need to send a clear message that leaves no space for confusion.

ProWritingAid is an awesome tool that enables you to improve the readability of your content. Plus, it identifies errors and provides suggestions on how to fix them. If you upgrade to the Premium version, you’ll get the feature of interactive editing, as well as more writing reports when compared to the free version.

3. Set Your Tone. Make It Recognizable

You have a unique personality that should shine through the text you write. You need to find the channel through which you’ll express the creative energy through every sentence you write. Your unique personality should be recognizable in the emails, reports, presentations, blog posts, social media updates, and every other piece of content you write for business purposes.

Essaymama.com is the right place to use when you can’t discover your writing voice. Just provide instructions for the particular project you want to develop, and you’ll start collaborating with a professional writer. When you see how your ideas are turned into content, you’ll understand the subtle differences between mediocre and superb writing. The final result will be unique and flawless.

4. Format the Content Properly!

You try hard to develop the perfect message and attract the reader with your ideas, but you don’t pay attention to structuring proper sentences, paragraphs, and references? The structure of the content also involves the way your document looks like. The margins, page borders, breaks, line numbers: everything is important when you want to look like a serious businessman.

OpenOffice doesn’t get much attention in the world of business, mainly because it’s free. However, it’s a great set of tools that offers the same functionality as MS Office. You can use it to format your documents to perfection.

5. Avoid Plagiarism Under Any Circumstances

You just came up with a thought-provoking slogan for a new product or service? It seems so familiar that you’re certain you’ve heard it somewhere before? Are you sure it’s not plagiarized? You need to make sure every single sentence you write is unique!

Help.PlagTracker provides an accurate plagiarism detection engine that will help you prevent messy copyright issues. Check your slogans, but don’t forget each blog post, article, or even email you intend to send.   

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6. Focus!

Multitasking is an exceptional talent that enables you to save a lot of time. For example, you have business lunches to do few things at the same time – eating, leaving a good impression, making a better connection with the team, discussing business proposals, and evaluating the progress of your company’s plan. That’s great, but you cannot implement that strategy into business writing.

When you write – you write! If you try to combine this task with another activity, you’ll end up forgetting your best ideas.

Dark Room is a plain text editor that leaves you alone with your thoughts. There are no unnecessary features and flashy distractions on the screen. You’ll be launched in an environment that will help you write more effectively and productively.

Now that you know why and how you need to improve your business writing skills, it’s time to take things in your hands!




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