Tap Into Opportunities: Why Every Small Business Needs An iPad Kiosk

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The obvious function of an iPad kiosk is to generate business and keep current customers interested. Here are a few ways you can use them.

If you aren't using an iPad kiosk at your small business it's time you started.

You may be wondering what the heck they are, though without knowing it you've likely seen them around at retail businesses.

Essentially, it is an iPad mounted on a kiosk stand used to display all kinds of lead generating, promotional and interactive displays for customers and prospects.

The main advantage of using an iPad kiosk instead of larger touch screen displays boils down to cost. It is significantly cheaper to use your company iPad, download an app and purchase a kiosk stand to create your own interactive digital display. Otherwise, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars a year to purchase the technology from a digital signage company.

The obvious function of an iPad kiosk is to generate business and keep current customer interested, but how you go about using one is entirely up to you. We've complied a list of different ways in which iPad kiosks can be used. We hope you find at least one of these applications helpful to your business.

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Collect Job Applications at Career Fairs

It's no secret that small business owners have a unique challenge finding talented and motivated individuals who devote their time to the company's bottom line rather than simply being motivated by a paycheck. Why not take your iPad kiosk to a career fair and have prospective employees fill out a brief application?

At the end of their application they can attach their LinkedIn social media profile and submit their email address for further follow up. The purpose of the application should be to collect just enough information to decide whether you'd like to request the applicant's full resume.

Capture Leads at Trade Shows

Attending trade shows is a must for small business owners because it is a unique opportunity to network and gather leads with whom you can connect with at a later date. Just be sure to ditch cumbersome business cards. The most organized way to keep track of all the people you meet at trade shows is to use an iPad kiosk.

You'll need to download a kiosk app that allows you to collect email addresses on your iPad using a variety of fun activities. For example, you can display a contest entry form, a trivia quiz or even a scratch-to-win prize on your iPad to attract visitors to your booth. Once the person completes the activity, they are prompted to enter their email address or other contact details.

iPad Kiosk

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Display an Interactive Product Design

As customer customization become a huge trend, more businesses are letting customers take the lead in creating and designing their own products. Consider using your iPad for an interactive display that lets customers drag and drop product components together to design their ideal product.

For example, auto dealerships could allow customers to build their own car with options for color, interior and engines, or a juice bar could let customers build their own smoothie. The possibilities for businesses are endless. Just be sure to keep a record of the mockups that customers create and use it as inspiration for designing new products.

Get Customer Feedback

Customer satisfacton surveys are becoming almost mandatory as Big Data has become the religion of the business world. You'd be surprised by just how beautiful and enticing you can make a customer satisfaction survey look using an iPad kiosk at your store. The key is to use a survey app that lets you create a survey with beautiful custom images and your own logo, as well as one that has a clean, simple design.

The survey should be easy enough to complete that even your 90 year-old grandma could do it! Your customers probably have a range of technical know-how, and the simpler you make the survey, the more responses you'll get.

Display a Sales Pitch Video

Sales videos are not only great for pitching prospective customers or clients, but they can also be displayed on an iPad kiosk at conferences, networking events and trade shows, provided you have your own booth. All you need to do is run the video in the background while you schmooze.

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Simply upload your video to YouTube and open it up in full screen mode. It will cost you nothing. But if for some reason you don't want to use YouTube or your video is stored on another computer, then sync the video to the iPad using a USB cable and watch it using the built-in video app.

The truth is that the above list only mentions some of the ways that small businesses can use an iPad kiosk as a marketing tool. Don't let a lack of creativity stop you from coming up with more!

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