The Secret's Out: Why Longevity and Passion Are the Key to Successful Blogging / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Successful blogging is incredibly boring. It takes faith, dedication, commitment, and a long-term approach.

Successful blogging is incredibly boring. It takes faith, dedication, commitment, and a long-term approach.

You should be able to work for the long haul, abstain from the temptation to stop because you won’t gain much in the short term, and sustain the inherent uncertainty that blogging entails.

In the beginning, it’s boring. You won’t even hear the sound of crickets. It works exactly the way power of compounding does. It demands the same dedication, faith, and relentlessness.

In short, making money from blogging is hard. Not because you’d have to sweat it out in the sun for the next 15 years or that you’d have to make sacrifices but because you’ve to persist. You have to look beyond what normal people see.

Therein lies the secret to blogging. It all begins slow and uneventful. Then, as you produce, promote, and persist, the fruits of your labor begin to work.

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Just ask Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post, Darren Rowse of Problogger or Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and many others all that they did was to blog away into the dark until each of their blogs saw a light at the other end.

To persist, you’d have to be loaded with ambition, passion, ability, and a proper mindset. You just read it all in a single line but it takes a lifetime to make it all work together.

Now, if you are reading this, you know that your blogging helps solve problems. It inspires your readers, makes them learn something new, or kicks up enough dust to give them some food for thought. All that’s a given, and you’ll do it anyway.

You, however, need more. Here are ways to make it happen:

What Do You Know About?

Why do you think Warren Buffet doesn’t invest in Apple stocks? It’s not because Apple’s stock is not worth it (because it certainly is); it’s because Warren Buffet openly admits that “technology” is something he doesn’t understand.

Plus, Warren Buffet is a value investor and so he’d only buy stocks at a discount from a stock’s actual value now, Apple won’t trade at a discount, ever. Take a cue from Mr. Buffet. Don’t ever get into a blogging niche because you thought you could make “money” off it. Chasing niches is just like chasing hot stock tips it’s worthless if you don’t know what you are getting into.

Because blogging takes a long time to say hello to success and because you have to produce for as long and even after you succeed with blogging you’d need to blog about something that you are passionate about, which leads us to:

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Passion Is the Key

If you are the engine, passion is the fuel. Without passion, none of the other defining traits of success such as Integrity, Intellect, productivity, and anything else mean much. Passion is the determinant of every ounce of energy you put into your blog, the way you write, the strength of your social promotion, and the hustle you put yourself through to see your blog succeed. Don’t even attempt blogging without that all-defining, purpose-wrenching passion.

Why you ask? Because you won’t last long. Information? Not really. Your point of view, yes.

There’s a lot of push out there in the digital marketing circles to do blogging for:

  • Inform and educate customers
  • Write reviews on relevant products so that your readers make better judgments.
  • Scratch when they have an itch. 

So, bloggers take off on a wild sprint. A mad rush to fill pages of worthless content just to regurgitate what’s already there on the web. Since you have to publish on a schedule, you’ll be doing just that. There’s enough information on the web. You are only adding to the junk.

You really need to deliver with the help of your blog is “your point of view”. Now, you can’t make that kind of experience up. You can’t fake it. You can’t get off with a couple of extra-long list posts. You can say the exact same thing that’s been told before, except that “you” are saying it this time, and you are putting it out in your own way. That’s powerful. That’s personal. That’s Unique. That’s the only thing left which can work in your favor now. 

Longevity. You Got That?

Give anything a long period of time and you’ll then be able to attribute success to skill rather than luck. It might seem like luck, but it’s not. It’s usually persistence, focus, and an incredible amount of time spent on acquiring skills, doing something really well, or just staying the course for that long.

For that reason, you’d see athletes, drivers, pilots, designers, carpenters, lawyers, and pretty much anyone else getting better and better as they spend more time learning and practicing their respective vocations. Because anything worth mastering takes time, you are better off when you love what you do.

To make your blog make money, you should stop looking for money. Instead, just focus on quality, longevity, and let your blog snowball into something bigger. I blogged for 2,191 days and continue to do so only because I love it, and I want to keep doing this for as long as I can. Every blog post I write is equivalent to that $100. Now, you do the math.

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Blogging is tricky, in the sense that it is so easy to start. You are only a couple of dollars, your fingers, and a laptop away from building your blog into a business. But you’d have to go a long way with that to accomplish your dream. I have sore fingers and a tired server that hosts my blog. Yet, I believe I am just getting started.

What are you going to do with your blogging?

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