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Why Your Business Needs an App

Joshua Lombardo-Bottema
Joshua Lombardo-Bottema

Time to get with the program

Any good business owner will do their best to stay on top of customer trends. Knowing how to reach your customer is integral to selling them your product or service. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, consider developing a mobile app. With the capacity to do nearly everything through a mobile device – and an entire generation with smartphones glued to their palms – apps are essential tools in running a business. Through a mobile app, a company can continue to build up its brand and to attract attention. Ultimately, an app can help your company gain recognition and a wider customer base by increasing visibility, loyalty and accessibility.

Although larger companies generally have the apps consumers most commonly use, merely having an app within Google Play or the App Store can help your business gain more traction in its marketplace. Even if a customer is entirely unfamiliar with your business, seeing your app, regardless of the customer's level of attention, makes your company more familiar. The app could potentially also spark their curiosity and lead them to download the app to their phone.

Increased customer engagement

Apps provide a direct communication between the company and the customer. People can access an app to gain immediate basic information such as hours, contact information, the status of an order and appointments.

Additionally, you can directly inform your customers of promotions, sales and special events. Push notifications also serve as a direct reminder of your company in case the person hasn't viewed the app in several days or weeks. By candidly engaging with your client base, you emphasize the importance of your customers in a way they're sure to read. It can help raise awareness about current events in relation to the company or industry alike. This provides a very easy pathway to purchasing products, in turn leading to return customers. 

An app simply makes the client feel more connected to your company, thanks to the direct interaction. Similarly, the app would make the customers think directly of your company itself as opposed to first thinking of opening up a search engine. Research shows that the more a customer browses, the less likely he or she is to make a decision based on loyalty. An app could also allow for the personalization of each customer's app by remembering user data and changing the interface if necessary. When you're rolling out updates or bug fixes, they can be sent directly and hassle-free through the user's mobile app store.

Customer loyalty

When a customer searches for a specific product through a search engine such as Google, they would likely see similar prices from your competition. If a customer is considering buying a product, having them search a catalog on your company's exclusive app would highly increase the chance of them buying the product directly through you as opposed to another seller at a slightly lower price. Similarly, a loyalty program could be easily implemented to drive repeat sales. This is often done by encouraging the customer to make purchases in exchange for points that they can redeem later for an agreed-upon discount.

Greater control

Mobile apps also present exclusivity of your company. Within a mobile app, you can freely advertise your own products without having to worry about your competitors, and you control what your audience views. When designed correctly from top to bottom, an app can become a one-stop shop. Should other companies be interested in advertising their own services through your company's app, that is an added benefit for two reasons: (1) You are free to charge whatever you please, and (2) with other companies wanting to advertise on your platform, it demonstrates an increased sense of authority in your respective marketplace.

Online visibility

One major benefit to having a mobile application for your business that is often overlooked is SEO, or search engine optimization. Because smartphones are ruled by mobile applications, app stores by Google and Apple are pressured to properly index your application, and thus your business. When a customer searches for services that meet their needs, your mobile application will likely be suggested. This will lead to higher rankings, increased backlinks and inbound links, and ultimately higher conversions.

Just as a great app can drive your business to new growth, an underdeveloped app can hurt your business and image. Before undergoing development, be sure to understand the value that your app provides to customers and potential clients. If your app does not create value for your customers first and foremost, it is of no use. Once your value propositions have been locked in, your app will enhance your business through SEO, increased customer interaction and loyalty, brand awareness, and so much more. Growth is virtually limitless. It's time to get started.

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Joshua Lombardo-Bottema
Joshua Lombardo-Bottema Member
Joshua started in business at the young age of 16 doing direct sales and progressed to owning his first franchise business by the age of 18. Over 8 years he grew his first business to a multi-million dollar business with over 10 managers, 80 staff, and 25,000 customers and then sold it when he was 26. Joshua then took up a position with the company he sold it to and proudly held the position of National Sales Director for the largest direct sales company in Canada servicing over 400,000 homes specializing in property beautification services. Joshua then founded and currently holds title as CEO for his second company, GoWrench Auto. GoWrench Auto specializes in providing "Auto Repairs and More Right to Your Door" with certified mobile automotive technicians. In other words, they come to your home or work to fix your car and save you the time and hassle of bringing it in. To conclude, Joshua is very passionate about people, business, sales/business psychology, performance, and overall having great interactions with staff, customers, professionals, and investors. He has meticulously studied business and sales to become the utmost and highest level performer and achiever in his field and continues to pursue knowledge in his business and personal life.