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Displaying window signs are an absolute must if you plan on tapping the potential of walk-in business. Unless you put up a sign that ...

Displaying window signs are an absolute must if you plan on tapping the potential of walk-in business. Unless you put up a sign that says you’re in business, passers-by will simply assume that you are another glass window in that side of the street. For most businesses, their store fronts might be the only advertising space they have.

Window signs are very low maintenance and easy to handle. They are easy to attach. They are made of long lasting material that can weather any storm. They are designed to be easy to put up and to stay in place without further worries.

1. Adhesive Vinyl
• You can just peel of the paper back and attach it to the display area. Vinyl is a durable synthetic material. It is water resistant, crease resistant, stain resistant, and when printed using UV - archival inks, retains its color for a very long time.

• Printing on adhesive vinyl is advisable if you intend to keep the same window sign for years and years. Its adhesive back sticks strongly to almost any surface. On the other hand, the adhesive back can be a problem for those stores who intend to change their design with every changing season. Peeling off the vinyl often leaves hard to remove sticker residue on the glass surface.

• Adhesive vinyl is also opaque. You can use this if you want an opaque border around the store window, or you intend to cover the store exterior. This could be problem though if you want to keep a sunny interior. An opaque vinyl will cut off sunlight from the window.

2. Static Cling
The static cling is a welcome alternative to vinyl adhesive. It can be printed on a transparent or opaque plastic that is also water resistant, stain resistant, and durable. These are often printed with UV - archival inks that let it keep its color longer even when exposed to harsh sunlight.

Static clings are non-adhesive. They use static energy (a force of attraction created by an imbalance of protons and electrons) to cling on to the glass surface. Unlike the adhesive back, static clings are:
• Easy to remove
• Can be repositioned
• Can be kept for later use
• Can be printed on transparent material

Static cling is the window sign of choice for most businesses. Changing window signs is hassle free. They can change the signs to reflect the changing seasons, or simply to announce an upcoming Sale or event. And since there is no adhesive back, they can re-use the window signs over and over on clear surfaces.

Printing on transparent material also is the best of both worlds. The inks are semi-transparent, while the tinted area appear solid from a distance, but still allow a certain amount of light to pass through. This stained glass effect creates beautiful lighting effects at different times of day.

Walk-in customers judge stores by their appearance. Make a strong first impression. The attention you pay to your store façade often shows them the kind of attention you are willing to pay on their needs. Put up your window signs and dress your business establishment with the needed signage it needs.

More on window signs tips and guides can be found at Large Format Posters.

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