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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tools to Help You Delegate

Jared Carrizales

Whether you’re managing 10 people or 100, it’s tempting to want to handle every aspect of the day to day inner workings yourself.

Trying to manage everything on your own is a recipe for burnout, as well as increasing your chances of being labeled with micro managing nicknames like control freak Fred. Inevitably this leads to important tasks being left undone, double booking meetings, or worse - the forgotten little league game. To avoid bogging yourself down, you need an easy, reliable way to delegate work among employees and departments.

Delegating leaves you free to focus on higher level jobs and decisions. Assigning tasks allows employees to use their inherent talents to grow personally and professionally, and it establishes a system of authority and responsibility within the business that helps everything to flow smoothly.

Proper delegation means that you can let go of the little things and give employees the chance to diversify their skills. Not to mention, studies have found that after 6 hours of working with managers, micromanagement starts to set in. Just one more reason to delegate necessary responsibilities and ownership.

How can you manage delegation in a business world that increasingly relies on field work and mobile communication?

Asana Product imageImage via Asana


Email is one of the biggest time wasters in the business world. Asana unchains team members from their inboxes with a collaborative environment that allows you to create, assign and organize tasks all in one place.

Prioritize and set due dates using the included calendar so that everyone can see what needs to be done and when. In-project comments keep communications attached to related tasks and eliminate the need for separate emails.

How it helps delegation: ability to assign portions of a task to individuals, as well as mark it as something to be done later.

Basecamp product imageImage via Basecamp


Available for most major browsers and mobile devices, Basecamp promises to “get projects done.” Tools include project management, time lines, calendars and to-do lists, all designed to keep your team on target. Remote collaboration makes it possible to create and manage teams from anywhere. Create and update files, set goals and track progress to ensure that every project gets done on time and within budget.

How it helps delegation: ability to notify or not notify people on certain updates; good permission levels that enable employees to loop in clients (or anyone else) on an as needed basis.


There are so many small tasks going on in your business every day that it can seem impossible to keep on top of them all. ONTRAPORT gives you a way to automate some of these tasks to make your job easier. Create sets of “rules” that trigger actions such as sending emails, fulfilling orders, scheduling phone calls and following up on leads. Track those leads to gain insight into which types of interactions generate the best results.

How it helps delegation: powerful automation through triggers.


Instead of just talking about launching a project, use Producteev to get it done. This app gives you the tools to go straight from the planning phase to the “doing” phase from the web, your iPhone or an Android device. Create a project, schedule tasks and assign them immediately no matter where you are. Set up time lines to track your team’s progress and watch how quickly each job gets completed.

How it helps delegation: easy task ownership; manage tasks by priority or deadline.


Trello is so versatile it works just as well for large, multinational companies, as well as for startups. This handy app is designed to create a workflow using a system of “cards” which can be color-coded and organized into “boards.” Create cards for specific tasks and assign team members to each card.

Add checklists and due dates for better time management and encourage collaboration using the comment feature. Instant notifications and real-time updates allow you to keep track of how each project is progressing. If you have a lot going on at once, you can organize tasks and boards into different categories to make them easier to manage.

Because Trello is so versatile, the applications are almost limitless. Using it as a task manager, calendar, simple sales funnel, or even as a site audit checklist like we do.


Part of the our own content calendar in Trello.

How it helps delegation: Task assigning; "card only" view to see exactly what assignments apply to various members and their corresponding due dates.

With these tools, you can easily delegate tasks for any project so that nothing ever falls through the cracks. You’ll see an increase in productivity, better efficiency and a more motivated workforce when you focus on making the most of the resources that you have available.

Do you have any special methods or tools to help you delegate important tasks? Let me know in the comments below.

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