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7 Effective Tips When You Work From Home With Kids

Harpreet Munjal
Harpreet Munjal

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many people are working from home. This posed a challenge for some who must balance work and child care.

COVID-19 has disrupted the professional and personal lives of people across the globe. Due to lockdown, businesses are finding innovative ways to survive in the market and overcome this challenging time. While everyone is trying to cope in their own ways, businesses have embraced A work-from-home culture and given their employees the alternative to operate from the comfortable spaces of their rooms. 

This is definitely a blessing for those who wished to work from the comfort of their home. However, on the other hand, work from home has become tedious for those who have to manage their kids and family. The thin line of wanting to work from home and being forced to work from home have added layers of complications. What tops the list is the increasing indiscipline and inefficiency among employees due to flexible work hours at home.

If you wish to improve your work-life balance by utilizing your time effectively, this guide will help you through this tough period. Here are some tips for those who wish to manage their work and kids without any hassles.

1. Thoroughly plan and execute priority tasks

It can be very difficult to concentrate when kids are around. It is next to impossible to be able to strategically plan out your day to make things work.

Here is a simple plan which you can chart out to manage your work and tasks quite efficiently. First, organize your day's plan according to the amount of work, tasks assigned, etc. Proper distribution of time allows you to plan things efficiently. Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself :

  • What is your major job task for the day? (calls, meetings, certifications, etc.)
  • Is there any creative task at hand?
  • Do your work targets allow you to take longer breaks?

Once you have figured out the time you need to spend according to the assigned targets, you can then easily work according to your discretion. Set realistic timelines to work in the best possible way. 

At the same time, you need to be adept at understanding the behavior and psyche of your child according to their age group. It will help you to set time aside for your loved one. Prioritize the recreational activities you wish to do with your child each day. This simple exercise will keep you rejuvenated and lively at the work and home front.

2. Follow your schedule religiously

Someone has rightly said that the far-sighted dream of planning and execution can only be bridged with persistent efforts in the right direction. It is very difficult to follow the timelines we set at work. As a result, the productivity of employees has been affected adversely.

We all know the importance of time management in every sphere of life. However, this untimely crisis has once again made us realize the need to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. Following this simple ninja technique will enable you to enjoy remote work culture to the fullest. You can easily spend quality time with your special ones if you succeed in following a set timeline. Unlock the key to success by maximizing your potential and enhancing your productivity.

3. Take a break at regular intervals of time

Let your kids indulge in various co-curricular activities so that they keep busy while you are working. You and your child can enjoy breaks simultaneously. 

It is equally important to keep your child occupied in various tasks while you are busy doing your office work. 

This simple exercise can help you plan your day in a better way. It is advisable that you plan out different fun-filled and playful activities to ignite their curiosity and inquisitiveness every single day. It will keep your child busy, and both you and your child can take a break after your timelines of work are met.

For instance, you can ask your child to do something to enhance their skills. You can give them a challenge to them to keep them engrossed for a while. Solving a cube, playing mindful computer games, and solving quiz worksheets can be some of the activities for the overall development of your child. 

Taking short breaks in the middle of the work will keep you energized throughout the day. Also, you have more time to take care of your child and cherish memorable moments with them. 

4. Plan out meaningful activities that don't involve you

Chart out a detailed plan wherein your child stays busy in the activities without your supervision, and you can work according to your timelines. Keep them engrossed in recreational activities that they enjoy. 

You can create a curated list of activities based on the interests of your child. For instance, some amazing options can be board games, blocks, watching cartoons, playing educational games and more. Some creative activities include listening to audiobooks, reading on a Kindle, watching educational movies and documentaries, and more. 

Give space to your child to rekindle his imagination and curiosity without your supervision. The joy of doing something without any guidance from you will make them feel happy inside.

5. Reward good behavior and encourage them

Everyone likes gifts and rewards, especially kids. Incentivizing allows children to perform better and enjoy their share of dessert with their polite demeanor. 

Suppose your child insists on attending a meeting with you. Rather than scolding him or her, you can make your children understand the importance of meetings so they don't disturb you. Also, you can assign your child a short task to occupy their attention while you finish your meeting. 

Don't lose your temper in the process. Children imitate everything they see around at a tender age. Focus on tackling these sensitive situations with care and caution. Reward them every time they follow your instructions. 

It is your responsibility as a parent to handle your child in the best possible way to avoid unnecessary conflicts and arguments. Timely, healthy conversations with children can also help you cope with the stress of managing personal and professional spheres. 

6. Be creative

You need to be creative to be able to manage things easily. You should understand the mindset of your child to be able to keep them productive throughout the day. You have to be good at handling things in emergency situations.

Ensure that you give ample time to your child and let him explore his creative abilities. Engaging and interactive games can help your kid to improve his learning skills which can contribute to his overall brain development. 

You can also encourage your child to enjoy educational documentaries on National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc. This can be intriguing for them in the initial years. Let them explore more about science, the universe, nature, etc. 

Also, certain educational apps can help your child to learn and grow. But, it is always advisable to keep an eye on your child on how they are using their smartphones. It is good to ensure that you protect your child from the consumption of unethical content all over the internet. You can use apps to track everything your child does on the smartphone. You also have the option to restrict some apps from your mobile.  

7. Seek the assistance of your spouse

It is always good to delegate duty to others than stress over managing everything. It is OK to ask for help and see if other family members can devote some of their time to look after the kids. 

You also have the option of hiring a babysitter if you are a single mother or father. Apart from this, one of the best-sought after alternatives could be arranging your kid's virtual call with their favorite people. They can talk, play, giggle and laugh while you complete your day's tasks.


Following a schedule religiously while working from home is not an easy task. You can make it work to your advantage, if you are willing to differentiate between high-priority and low-priority tasks. However, if you become complacent, then it can add to your overall burden. 

If you wish to sail through the challenge of working from home with ease, then the only thing you need to focus on is to maintain a proper work-life balance by managing your kids' timetable efficiently.

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