Working with Snack Food Distributors and Wholesalers / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

There are a few key components to working with snack food distributors and wholesalers that make the process easier for both parties. ...

There are a few key components to working with snack food distributors and wholesalers that make the process easier for both parties. If you offer a wide selection of snack foods, you'll probably work with both snack food distributors and snack wholesalers. However, if you prefer working with only one company, you can provide a decent snack foods selection by working with only one distributor or wholesaler.

If your snack food business is close enough to your desired snack food distributor, consider taking a tour of the distribution plant. Most distributors have tour options or will schedule a time for you to visit the distribution center. Before committing to a specific snack distributor, research the following:

1. Does the snack food distributor offer returns or credits for damaged or incorrect shipments, and what process must you take for a return?

2. Does the company have numerous forms of communication for both business and after-business hours?

3. What are the shipping policies of the snack distributors, and do any offer free shipping after ordering a certain amount?

Work with snack food wholesalers that offer a variety of snack foods

Wholesale snack foods work well for large offices that want snacks for employees, small businesses that want snacks for customers and food snack businesses, such as concession stands and food trucks. The benefit of using wholesalers is that they have a supply of snacks from different manufacturers.

Use a bulk food distributor for snack food distribution

When working with snack food distributors and wholesalers, a bulk food distributor is a great option. A bulk food distributor offers snack foods from many of the major manufacturers at a good price. Bulk food distributors are also a popular choice for junk food distribution.

Buy from an established snack food distributor

An established snack food distributor is one that can trace its company roots back many years. They may manufacture and distribute their own product, or just have a history of distributing particular snack foods. The benefit of using an established company is that they usually have excellent client communication and interaction.
  • You can use some snack food manufacturers to start your own snack food distribution business. Smaller snack manufacturers sometimes offer turn-key business opportunities for a vending machine route that showcases their snacks. They usually provide training and supplies for an initial start-up investment.

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