Keys to Capture: How to Write Content That Actually Converts / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

All hope is not lost. There are a few hacks that can guide content when stuck in a rut. How to actually write content that will convert.

Content is king has been heard by every business owner when they are first starting out trying to market their startup.

While this is true there are plenty of content types that will not convert because they are spun or just so generic that they don’t spark the interest of anyone.

Some of the country’s largest companies have a hard time content marketing so this might seem like an impossible task especially for a startup in its infancy.

All hope is not lost. There are a few hacks that can guide content when stuck in a rut.

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Interactive Content

Airbnb does not need any more name recognition as they have seemed to be on a roll since the company launched.

Not to rest on their laurels the company has been doing a great job of content marketing since its advent.

They have shown the economic impact around the world and it not only is an interesting way to visualize data they have collected, it also has been shared on some of the world’s largest publications.

The large amounts of money that are made can also encourage those to sign up to become a host because they didn’t realize the amount of money available.

Interactive content checks all of the boxes for Airbnb as it boost SEO scores with shares, encourages user and host signups, and interests the general public while also getting the company name in front of those who might not have heard of it.

Content That Solves an Everyday Problem

Many people turn to a website or to a search engine to solve a common problem they might have.

Companies in these industries can take advantage and write some guides or articles that will help the reader save money or complete a project.

For example, a tech company might write an article about how to repair a broken iPhone screen to help its readers and customers while a financial company might choose something like a budgeting checklist.

This not only helps the reader with their problem but it turns the website into a resource.

Not to be outdone, this kind of article can also build readership as well as customer loyalty because they provide content that can help people on a daily basis.

While all the content on a blog shouldn’t be problem solving, it can make for easy content to write that garners quite a bit of attention.

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Content That Is Evergreen

A great piece of content about motivating a marketing team or employee motivation can be used years after it is published.

While the workforce is constantly changing, many motivational tactics have been used for hundreds of years.

New managers are promoted or hired every day and seek out how to motivate their employees. This resource can be used for years and can help a company become a thought leader in their industry.

For example, it can be difficult in the SEO industry to come out with evergreen content as Google’s algorithm changes a few times a year and they claim it changes all of the time.

"How to hire a great outsourced SEO team" would be a solid piece of content that could be used for years because it wouldn’t get into the specifics of strategy for SEO but rather, how to build the best team.

Posts Taking Advantage of Holidays or Time of Year

Buzzfeed has done a great job of this whether they are talking about gifts for unromantic people on Valentine’s Day or which type of Thanksgiving guest are you?

This can be used for all holidays as it gives a chance to put a new spin on an old topic.

Unlike evergreen content, this might only be useful once a year if people are searching but content that is consistently visited year after year is better than what most companies come out with.

This will also make it easier for the editorial team as their calendar can have a few pieces about the holiday season approaching.

Weekly Articles

Weekly columns can help turn an individual into a thought leader and also help bring back readers and possible customers on a weekly basis.

It is important that the writer engages with the readers. Failure to do so can alienate readers/customers and actually hurt brand loyalty.

Picking someone who has the ability to produce quality content week after week can be difficult but they could possibly use the holiday tactic mentioned above.

If content becomes difficult to produce asking the consistent readers what they’d like to see written is a hack that saves time in coming up with an idea and direction for the author.

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Content is still king when it is done correctly and produced at a high quality level.

These are just a few of the tactics that a startup could implore when working on their content marketing campaign.

What are some tactics that you use at your company?

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