Marketing Monday: Why YOLO Should Mean "You Oughtta Locally Optimize" for Direct Mailers / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to connect with potential customers in their area need to get local with their...

YOLO: an abbreviation that means "You Only Live Once." You're probably asking what this trending term is doing on a business blog. Have no fear; it's here for a reason.

In the digital advertising and online marketing space, both B2B and B2C marketers are noticing a shift in both search and social media for greater local optimization. If online marketers are noticing the shift and segmenting campaigns accordingly, why haven't direct mail marketers come on board?

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Consumers want to connect with the things around them, including local businesses.  Small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to connect with potential customers in their area need to get local with their direct mail campaigns. YOLO.

Geographic Segmenting

Many direct mail marketers segment their maligning list based on where someone is in the purchase process. This isn't your only option! If you're a local small business -- or a larger enterprise with multiple locations -- it's time you began segmenting your direct mailing list based on location.

People want to know what is going on in their communities, and your business can stand out from other mailed messages by providing more than a coupon or visually appealing insert. Use your segmented direct mail campaigns to announce when your business is hosting a local event, partnering with another local business, or offering a special only available to locals. You're adding value to their postbox and their life.

  • A client of Analytics Operations Engineering found that when using value-based segmentation in their direct mail campaigns, profits from those campaigns were boosted by 8%. (Tweet this stat!)

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Direct Retargeting

Consumers want to know what those around them are buying. Businesses want to know what level of success other businesses are seeing with particular products and services. Online, re-targeting campaigns are fairly common. In the direct mail world, it's a bit more of a rarity.

  • Direct mail marketers can use data from the CRM system or direct mail campaign management records to offer up highly relevant, targeted messages to their customers via the post.
  • Trends in the area are just one aspect of the retargeting opportunity afforded by direct mail. Nearby festivals, holidays and community events all provide your business to retarget customers at times when they may be looking to make a purchase.

When Domino's localized their digital and direct solutions, they were able to reduce the purchase cycle by three weeks and their localized direct mail generated a 46% response. Retarget your existing database with local offers and messages and you're likely to see an increase in response and direct mail success.

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Purchase Behavior Analysis

People in different regions are going to have different purchase behaviors than those in other locations. While geographic segmenting is the easiest way to locally optimize your campaigns, teams that have the time and money to invest in further segmentation would be wise to consider segmenting their local audiences even further by analyzing purchase behavior, induced by direct mail campaigns, based on location.

  • The greater you can break down your database into targeted segments, the greater success you'll see as your deliver the right messages at the right time.
  • Don't be afraid to get granular! Use the data at your fingertips to analyze purchase behavior that's a result of direct mail.

Direct mail isn't dead. Marketers just need to be able to insert the same segmentation practices they're using online into their direct mail strategies. Both B2B and B2C consumers would be smart to get segment and optimize for more local direct mail campaigns. After all, YOLO.

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