Your Annual Review by Elton Mayo / Managing / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Elton Mayo teaches us how motivation and productivity is really achieved. Suddenly, team-building exercises don't seem so pointless anymore.

Editor's note: Elton Mayo, a psychologist, industrial researcher and organizational theorist, set the ground work for the human relations movement. Mayo emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration within an organization. He conducted various researches on the relationship between organizational conditions and productivity.

Here is a fictional review that we think Elton Mayo would give a team leader based on his teachings in organizational management. 

Dear Janet,

Thank you for attending your annual group review this morning. As discussed earlier, 2014 was quite a year for you and your colleagues. Mainly because I was conducting an organization-wide experiment on all of you.

The fact you were all my lab rats was quite a surprise I'm sure, but because of your participation, I have developed the phenomenon known as the Hawthorne effect. My goal was to find the secret to group motivation and productivity. In previous years, this organization has been anything but determined and effective, and it was time to put my Harvard degree to use; to discover the primary elements of human motivation in the workplace.

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Remember all those times I completely changed your working conditions? When the lighting in the office changed by blindingly bright to dull? Or when the humidity was amped up three notches? Or when I suddenly changed your break times and hourly pay? Those were all experimental conditions. Even that week I made you work 48 hours straight, without breaks, was for the good of science.

Let me reiterate what I discovered from putting you through workplace hell.  I concluded that monetary rewards and swanky work environments aren't genuine motivators. Instead, here's what I found: rather than cash money, employees are truly motivated by relational factors like recognition, comradeship, and teamwork- social rewards if you will. It's true, group activity and attention from colleagues and/or managers greatly boosts productivity and output. Being valued and acknowledged for your hard work will help you be more productive.

With that being said, you won't be receiving a financial raise this year, but a social promotion instead. From this point forward, in order to really scale this organization, you'll be working in highly strategic groups. Within these groups, you'll promote open communication, participate in collaborative decision-making, and establish non-competitive teamwork.

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Every day you will have a meeting with your team, receive internal newsletters and encourage your teammates on Yammer. You'll use Yammer to recognize the success of your fellow colleagues and will share important industry information. According to a recent study by Accelir, more than 82 percent of companies don't include social media as part of their recognition programs. We'll be in the top tier of companies who begin to do this.

I will not have another fiscal year plagued by apathy and monotony. To avoid this, we'll amplify the well being of all in this company by creating a culture of recognition.

Thank you well-valued employee and I encourage you to encourage others this year.


Elton Mayo

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