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How to Respond to Bad Reviews on Google

Designing a strategy to deal with different kinds of negative feedback can attract clients

Businesses that wish to leverage their Google My Business profile to attract new potential clients need to design a strategy to deal with different ki...


3 Ways to Spot Cultural Cancers in Your Company and Cure Them

Most leaders don’t realize there’s a culture problem until it’s too late.

One teammate bringing a somber mood to the office is like secondhand smoke: The whole atmosphere becomes polluted and negatively affects those in the...


How to Get Your Business Equipment Lease Approved

Providing a clean package of required information will ensure a prompt approval.

Asset financing under the right terms and rates helps businesses grow in today's competitive environment.


The State of the B2B Sharing Economy

An overview of the advantages and impacts for businesses

More and more businesses are sharing resources to cut down on costs. We looked into how this B2B sharing economy impacts businesses.


4 Ways to Improve Your Google Map Results

Here's real steps that your business can take to move up higher in Maps results.

Everyone knows that being on the first page of Google is a difficult thing to accomplish if you are trying to rank your business for any search term t...


5 Reasons I'm Grateful I Self-Funded My Business

Figuring out how to fund my business was one that was keeping me up at night.

The pros and cons of self-funding versus seeking outside investors as told from a 15 time award-winning entrepreneur.


Suffered a Cyber Attack? You Need to Do These Five Things Immediately

Here are some key pointers on how to maintain a calm and calculated response to a breach.

Cybercrime is a quickly growing issue for businesses. Whether an organization is a one man band or heading up the Fortune 500, a cyber attack can have...


They Know Technology and Wear Ties: 5 Reasons Why Generation X Is Taking Over in Business

With all the focus on millennials, it is actually Generation X that is taking over the C-suite.


Don't Be Fooled by These 9 SEO Lies

It's time to clear up some misinformation about SEO

We love SEO. And we think it's hugely important for succeeding in the modern business world. But we also know that there's a lot of SEO misinformation...


How To Optimize Your YouTube Marketing Effectively

Are you making the most of YouTube?

Your YouTube marketing strategy must take into account the nature of this video-sharing website and what customers are looking for. Capture their atte...

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