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3 Ways Micro-Influencers Are Impacting Social Media Marketing

Why they may be able to sell your brand best

Influencers with small but loyal followings may market your brand better than the social media giants. Learn why these micro-influencers are game-chan...


3 Ways to Beat the Summertime Blues with Better Employee Benefits

Simple ways to lift employees spirits during the summer

Providing employee benefits to nurture a better work-life balance – especially in the summer months – can boost mood as well as employee engagement, p...


Data Science for Marketers

7 techniques for using predictive analytics to reach targets

Statistical methods and data-driven algorithms are gaining notice and being used as marketing tools. Here are the seven most common techniques and app...


Performance Reviews: Which Type is the Best Fit for Your Company?

How often is enough? And which style is best?

Whether your company conducts performance reviews annually, biannually, quarterly or through other means, such as 360-degree feedback and through enga...


Customer Experience Paralysis (and How to Stop it)

The problems that shortchange customers

A poor customer experience can severely impact a company's bottom line. Here's where the breakdowns happen.


Why Customers Leave Their Digital Marketing Agency: The 3 P's for Keeping Happy, Satisfied Clients

The average client relationship lasts two to three years. Here's how to change that

The partnership between a digital marketing agency and their client is one built on mutual trust much like other types of relationships. Yet, accordin...


Three Ways to Sell Your Small Business

Each exit strategy depends on multiple factors

There are many approaches to selling a small business, but they typically fall into three categories: liquidation, selling your business outright and...


5 Reasons Promising Startups Don't Scale

The mistakes many founders make

Many promising startups struggle to utilize growth capital effectively. Change needs to start at the top. Here are five pitfalls startup founders shou...


AI Is the Future of Digital Marketing

3 ways to join in

The rise of artificial intelligence allows business leaders to enhance the customer experience by predicting and addressing their needs and wants. To...


3 Ways to Build Your Small Business's Brand Locally

Getting involved in your community

Becoming valued locally doesn't happen overnight. You can't develop a clear local identity without putting in the work and being strategic in those ef...

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