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5 Ways to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Your Business for Exponential Growth

BY Kennedy Cee

Artificial Intelligence isn’t set to happen in the future because the future is here! Learn how to use this in your business to skyrocket your business growth.

Success Stories and Epic Failures of Business Process Outsourcing

BY Victor Haydin

Forewarned is forearmed. Learn your lesson from these successes and failures in software outsourcing.

Coronavirus Outbreak? AI and ML Could Be the Saviors

BY James Warner

Coronaviruses is becoming a huge threat for the world. It has now become a global public health emergency.

How to Manage Funding Grants for your Small Business

BY Ryan Ayers

Many small business owners don't have the finances to fund their own businesses. So they manage their funding and grants themselves.

How to Make Business Meetings More Engaging

BY AlexAnndra Ontra

“Oh, look at my calendar. I have back to back meetings all day long,” often means the same thing as “this day is going to be a waste and I won’t get a damn thing done.”  Human beings are social...

10 Signs That It's Time to Pivot Your Business

BY Chris Porteous

Pivoting can revitalize a struggling business. How can you tell when it's time for your business to pivot?

Overspending Mistakes Your Small Business May Be Overlooking

BY Chris Porteous

For small businesses, every dollar counts. That's why it is important to make sure you aren't overspending in areas you can't afford to.

The Lesson That Every Business Owner Learns for Growth

BY John Lincoln

No matter what business you are in, there is one lesson and a corresponding process that will lead to better growth and happy customers.

Cannabis Investing 4.20

BY Michael Sassano

Rather than be depressed by the current negative readings, investors need to focus and make better choices.

How to Develop a Business Plan for Your App Idea

BY Chris Porteous

Here’s an exploration of how to formulate a business plan for your app idea, what terrible mistakes to avoid in the process, and why this early formulation is so important towards your app’s eventual...

Scaling Your Business in 2020? Think Less Data Center and More Cloud

BY Michael Wood

Scaling your business can be restrictive if you are still using your own data center. In 2020, consider moving your business to the cloud.

13 Facts You Need to Understand About SBA Default

BY Jason Milleisen

The topics that all borrowers need to understand if they have defaulted, or are in danger of defaulting, on their SBA loan.

How a Project Management Tool Changed Our Team Culture

BY Matthew G.

The purpose of this article is to explain how adopting a project management tool impacted our efficiency.

A Marketer’s Guide to Re-Branding

BY Moazzam Kamran

A thorough step by step guide on why brands are important and how you can perform your next re-branding activity.

How VR And Immersive Learning Will Transform Training

BY Chris Porteous

Virtual reality is opening the doors to a whole new way of training employees.

6 Tips to Conduct a Successful Video Interview

BY Chris Christoff

With enough preparation, you can hold interviews online that are not only pleasant for both parties but also make the process easier and more manageable.

How To Avoid Tax Surprises In 2020

BY Chris Porteous

Don't get caught off guard by these tax surprises.

Reviving the Entrepreneurial Spirit

BY Sam Bocetta

With studies showing a significant decline in small startup businesses since the 1970s, experts are asking why and coming up with a few interesting answers.

10 Accounting and Cash Flow Management Tips

BY Emerson De Oliveira

Knowing when your business will break even Incentivizing your customers to make early payments Scheduling your payments on different days of the month Keeping cash reserves

Here's a Card-Not-Present Fraud Prevention Checklist for E-Commerce Businesses

BY Rafael Lourenco

With the number of fraud attempts against US retailers tripling from 2017 to 2019, in this article, I look at some of the trends driving the increase in fraud, the basic best practices for fraud...