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What education and experience is well suited for a role assisting both accounting and operations?


We have two employees set for retirement before the close of this year. One assists with accounting, and the other in operations such as procurement, scheduling, and data entry. Workload analysis...

12 Questions for Mentoring Success

BY Dr. Rosina Racioppi

Two-way dialogues nurture successful mentorships. These questions can get you started.

5 Reasons Remote Teams Are More Engaged Than Office Workers

BY Greg Hanover

The stereotype isn't true: Remote workers are actually more engaged.

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Rethink Corporate Social Responsibility and Turn Social Good Into a Business KPI

BY Maciej Kranz

Corporations need to show more social responsibility. Here's how.

Will 4-Day Workweeks Boost Employee Productivity?

BY Ron Kitchens

Shortening the workweek isn't the answer to increasing productivity.

3 Mentoring Relationships that Matter the Most for Women

BY Dr. Rosina Racioppi

These are the type of mentors women can benefit from the most.

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11 Methods for Keeping Remote Teams Organized and Communicating

BY Scott Gerber

These strategies can help your remote team run more efficiently, no matter where they work

How to Hire the Right Personal Assistant for Your Startup

BY Chris Christoff

A good job post and a thorough interview are key.

What is your refund policy?

QUESTION | BY Sara Eveland | 11 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 05/10/19

I offer photography services. Recently, I've run into a couple scheduling conflicts where the client cancels on me last minute. Since I plan my availability far in advance, this really messes with my...

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5 Books That Helped Me Build a Multimillion-Dollar Business

BY Albert Vaisman

These books can put you in the entrepreneurial mindset.

How do I write a business proposal to win over a new client?

QUESTION | BY King Solomon | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 05/09/19

I am starting a moving company and I want to know how to write a proposal to submit to a construction company to be their major contact for moving and cleaning any of their newly constructed...

How to Identify, Address and Dissolve a Bad Partnership

BY Rebecka Green

Understand the signs of a bad partnership before you take the steps to end it.

Want to Host Better Meetings? Follow These 9 Tips

BY Stacey Hanke

How to host better better business meetings

Business Card Printing Buying Guide for 2020

BY Kayla Harrison

Looking for the best business card printing service? Read our tips and recommendations for finding a quality business card printer.

13 Apps to Conquer Your Business To-Do List

BY Scott Gerber

These systems are the perfect way to keep your projects and business running smoothly.

Celebrating Working Moms in the Office

BY Art Langer

Ahead of Mother's Day, consider how to honor the women who juggle it all.

20 Top Career Paths for Tech Geeks

BY Deb Dey

If you love technology and data, these are the careers for you.

3 Ways Employees Can Fall Back in Love With Their Jobs

BY Deborah Sweeney

There are ways to rekindle the spark you had for your job all over again.

The Benefits of Face to Face Business Meetings

BY Marc Sellouk

There are some qualities of in-person meetings that video just can't solve for.

5 Tips to Manage a Remote Workforce

BY Chris Porteous

Find out what sort of manager you need to be to keep a remote workforce on task.