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Where does a new entrepreneur go for financing to formally start a business?
QUESTION | BY Hamilton Hami | 3 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/10/19

I want to start my own sports bar pub and grill. I have an updated business plan which includes all the financial plans drawn out. I just need finances to start building.

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Law Offices of Evan Braunstein
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What do I need to know about pursuing a career in hospitality?
QUESTION | BY Grace Sandak | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/10/19

I would like to start working in a hotel one day and would like to know if there is anyone that would be willing to have a conversation with me about the basics of getting started in working and...

How to Boost Your Programming Skills
BY Scott Gerber

As programming become increasingly important across industries, knowing how to code can help your career grow.

How Entrepreneurs Can Stop Getting Wrapped Up in the Day-To-Day
BY Krister Ungerböck

Learn how small business owners can transition from day-to-day duties to the CEO role.

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Brunswick Companies
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An Accessible C-Suite Can Help Fuel Brand Success
BY Larry Sutton

When executives are accessible to employees, businesses suceed.

The Benefits of Mind Mapping for Busy Professionals
BY Ryan Ayers

Entrepreneurs can accomplish and learn more – and do it faster – by learning how to construct mind maps.

Why Do Engineers Make Good CEOs?
BY Chris Porteous

Some of the nation’s greatest entrepreneurs and businessmen have hailed from engineering backgrounds.

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HRdirect Smart Apps
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4 Ways Military Service Prepares You for Entrepreneurship
BY Stephen Bollinger

Learn how the habits and practices of the U.S. military hold lessons for every business owner.

Practical Tips to Evolve Employee Performance
BY Moazzam Kamran

To grow your business, you must do more than monitor employee performance. Enable employees through coaching and skills-based expectations.

How to Network for Business
BY Ibrahim Hanif

This article tackles how you can take pressure and awkwardness out of business networking while building goodwill for mutually beneficial opportunities.

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What do I owe my partner that just left the company?
QUESTION | BY Matt Gilman | 21 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/21/19

I started an LLC. After a couple years of sputtering, I decided to get more serious about it, so I brought a partner on board. The idea was that this would always be a part time job that we did a...

7 Habits of Incredibly Successful Business Leaders
BY Sesan Kareem

9lSuccessful business leaders have developed certain habits that distinguished them from the rest of the pack. These habits can be learned, developed and mastered. 2. Business is pretty risky but...

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Your Business
BY Bill Benjamin

Businesses are best served by employees who have high emotional intelligence.

The Different Paths to a Career in Project Management
BY Ryan Ayers

Want to become a project manager? Learn how to develop the skill set employers demand.

How Startups Can Stay Close to Home With the Help of Corporate Partners
BY Patrick Riley

Keeping startups local could be the thing that revives the global economy one community at a time, and corporate partnerships help make that possible.

5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination to Be More Influential
BY Stacey Hanke

Learn how to stop procrastinating at work so you can earn trust and opportunities.

How to Increase Productivity at Your Workplace
BY Chris Porteous

Learn how your business can make small changes to improve employee productivity.

How to Set Entry-Level Women on a Path for Advancement
BY Dr. Rosina Racioppi

Learn how managers can guide young professional women to help them advance their careers.

What are the qualities of a good manager?
QUESTION | BY Skye Schooley | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 11/11/19

We've all worked with good and bad managers before. So what makes someone a good manager? What specific qualities do they have? What do you expect from a good manager?

How to Become a Freelancer
BY Arjun Kohli

Want to be a freelancer? Here are six steps you need to take to get started.