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Latest Content:

Why Offering Paid Leave Is Good for Your Business

It's more of an investment than a simple expense.

Yes, paid leave policies represent an additional cost, but the benefits they provide pay for themselves and then some.


Five Must-Read Books to Build a More Engaged Culture in 2018

Curl up with these books on workplace culture and get ready to transform your company.

Ready for a more engaged workplace culture, one flourishing with talent? Put these five books on your reading list.


Learning Improves the Architecture of Your Brain and Your Business

Neural plasticity isn't just good for your health, companies benefit, too.

Whether it is the architectural changes in the brain or improvements in our organizations, learning supports us at the micro and macro levels. What's...


Improving Cybersecurity: 12 Tools and Approaches Your Business Can Use

These tips and applications can help you prepare for the worst.

How can you make your business computers and devices as secure as possible? Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their best cybersecurity t...


Social Media Meets Restaurant: Giving a Good Answer to a Bad Review

Online reviews can make or break your restaurant – and so can your responses to them.

With so many consumers turning to online reviews before they try a restaurant, you can't afford not to respond to negative reviews in the best way. He...


Google's Better Ads Standards Policy: What You Need to Know

Ad-blocking technology for annoying advertising is now baked into the Chrome browser.

If you're running certain types of ads on your website, prepare to see revenue sink as those ads will now be blocked.


Restaurant Accounting: How It's Different

Restaurants have their own special accounting needs and quirks.

Accounting for restaurants differs in some important ways from accounting in other industries. Here are the main differences you need to know.


How to Effectively Craft a Business Continuity Plan

Don't be caught unprepared if disaster strikes.

A business continuity plan is vital if you want to survive events like natural disasters, fires, cyberattacks or other events that could negatively im...


Management Theory of Frederick Taylor

While Taylor's theory could make for more efficient workers, it is not without its flaws.

While Frederick Taylor's theory makes for more efficient workers, it is not without flaws.


How to Sell Your New Tech Product to an Old-School Industry

How do you persuade an industry that doesn't buy into new technology to trust you?

How do you persuade an entire industry that doesn’t typically buy into new technology to trust you and your creation? Show them exactly what kind of v...

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