Maintenance Management Software Buying Guide

Kayla Harrison
, Contributing Writer
| Updated
Dec 05, 2018

To keep your company operating smoothly, you rely on organization and clear, timely communication with employees as well as equipment that's in top working order. Computerized maintenance management software, or CMMS as it's commonly known, is a centralized database of all the information you have on machinery, properties, equipment, materials, inventory, employees and more that your employees can access.

Maintenance management software helps keep your maintenance costs low by enabling you to maintain the condition of your facilities and equipment, and prevent any injuries, hazards or other accidents from occurring. You can create and manage work orders and track assets, budgets and current inventory all within the application.

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Why You Need Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software, according to Better Buys, completes work orders quickly and prevents breakdowns by working on equipment when they’re not being used. It also allows you to manage older equipment by storing its manuals into the system. This software can keep records, check for certifications and keep information up-to-date on technicians and equipment. 

For our buying guide, we chose software that integrates seamlessly with your processes, tracks your assets and their status, offers scheduling and auditing, and provides notifications to you and your staff to help with predictive maintenance.

Features to Look For

All maintenance management software helps you stay organized by filing, saving and recording important maintenance task files, warranty information and permits. Here are a few specific features you should look for in a potential vendor. 


As long as you choose a CMMS that's web-based, you won't have to worry about cross-platform compatibility. However, if you need a server-based system for your enterprise-level business, it's a good idea to choose maintenance management software that supports all configurations, such as Hippo CMMS, so you have more choice in whether your staff uses Mac or Windows operating systems, or a combination of the two. 

Mobile Apps

You can save a lot of time if you can walk around your site with your tablet or smartphone in hand and CMMS at your fingertips. Work orders and completed tasks can be logged from the app, no matter where you are. It allows easy access to all the information from the software. Most CMMS include this feature. 

Bar Code Scanning

Software like Hippo CMMS automatically generates barcodes for each set of equipment, unless you already have your own system. You can easily sync your barcode system with their CMMS. Barcodes can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet. Once you scan equipment, within seconds you’ll have access to warranty information, maintenance reports, manuals and even photos. This system is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  

Inventory Management

You’ll want to look for a CMMS that has inventory management features to cut down costs, track the location of items, and reduce the amount of inventory lost. These features track the level of inventory, alerting you when inventory is low. You’ll be able to view all this information on the mobile app, so it’s easily accessible from anywhere. For example, Hippo CMMS’s mobile app allows you to check what parts are in stock, what things need maintenance, and when they should be ordered/restocked. 

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition seems like an extraneous feature, but if you need to quickly enter data and move onto the next task, it can be a huge timesaver. Speech-to-text is also included in various CMMS. It allows technicians to make notes hands-free while working on tasks and each note will be entered into the system.

Final Thoughts

Simple scheduling is available in most CMMS, but you may also benefit from a separate task management system. For those who manage several properties, you may want to look into property management software, which is designed specifically for your industry. Each application is easy to use and scalable, so you can choose a CMMS that you know your employees will be able to quickly get the hang of, and it grows as your company does.

Common Maintenance Management Software Questions & Answers

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