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Best Online Legal Forms

by Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: March 9, 2018


Why Online Legal Forms Services?

Attorneys are expensive, even for simple issues such as petitioning for a name change. Most legal needs, however, can be done on your own. You simply fill out the proper form, pay the filing fee at the courthouse and you're done. Even complex issues, such as divorce or establishing a DBA (doing business as), can be done entirely on your own with the right paperwork. Online legal services have the forms you need in addition to some hints and tips on how to fill them out and file them. Some of the best online legal forms we found include US LegalFindLegalForms and Rocket Lawyer.

Online Legal Forms: What to Look For

When evaluating online legal services, it is important to know which forms you need for your particular legal issue. Some online legal services specialize in only personal or family law forms. Others focus entirely on business forms. Regardless of the form you need, it is important to ensure that the service you choose has state-specific forms so you can be in compliance with your own state's requirements. Here are a few additional features we looked for as we reviewed legal forms online.

Types of Forms Available
The best online legal services have forms for as many legal issues as possible. These include business forms, real estate documents, financial forms and personal forms. All of the services we reviewed have a variety of these forms. However, some services tend to have more in one area, such as personal law or business, than other categories. The best online legal services have extensive lists of forms in all four categories in addition to many more listed online.

Legal Resources & Support
In addition to providing the legal forms, the best online legal services have many resources to help support you throughout the entire process of filling out and filing your legal forms. Some of the most helpful resources to look for are legal guides, which define legal terms and give instruction on how to properly fill out your forms, and a legal directory so you can find an experienced attorney in your area for some one-on-one help.

A few online legal services offer preparation services. This means you can choose the forms you need and have an experienced lawyer help you fill out and file them in your state. Some services have lawyers on staff so you can ask a legal question without committing to the preparation services.

Customer support should include at least reliable email support, though telephone and live chat support are also good for a quicker response to your questions. Most services offer a FAQs section online, though many are geared toward the definitions of specific legal terms rather than actual customer service-type questions.

Legal issues can be scary and costly to address. Using a quality online legal service can help direct you through the work of defending your legal position while offering some legal support when you need it.

Common Online Legal Form Questions & Answers

Have an online legal form question of your own?

Hi Sara - a name change usually requires a state or local government filing, depending on what kind of entity you set up your business as. Sole proprietors usually have local filings, LLC's and Corporations usually have state filings. So your original name registration would tell us what requirements you have. In the old days that was the first concern - isn't it amazing that now the domain name has become the first concern? Good luck - let me know if I can help further. Rich V.

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Since it is likely that your income will be apportioned between the two states, and that you will continue to have a physical presence in both, you should comply with the registration requirements of each state. You should also consult your tax advisor as to form of business entity questions, if the amount of income justifies it. I'm in Virginia, so I can't advise on Michigan & California specifics, as I have no clients in those states. However, for California, I believe the appropriate agency...

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If either an attorney or a CPA have made the choice of entity determination, then yes, if you know what you are doing, there is no reason why you can't assist in the process-driven work of setting up an entity. You would never sign the papers on the owner's behalf, but would coordinate preparation, signature and filing. You should ask your client if she has confirmed with her CPA that a d/b/a is the best choice for her. As for whether a sole proprietor can have a tax ID, they are often...

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This is what's referred to as reconstructed records project, which I have plenty of experience in, having done this for startup founders such as yourself and other businesses that were somehow profitable while run out of the owner's checkbook (not recommended :-). Step 1 is to get the books in order, then Step 2 is to get with an experienced CPA or Enrolled Agent who likes to rehabilitate those in tax arrears. They are on your side and will manage the process for least impact on you and your...

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That is a question for your attorney. Laws are different in each state and many cities also have their on unique requirements. Do not take advice from anyone other than a professional in your state. As for the type of business, that is also a discussion to have with your attorney. You should also consult with your accountant as well, since there are different tax implications for each type of business.

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Rocket Lawyer
182 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA
Rocket Lawyer
Standard Legal
8069 Amber Lane
Cleveland, OH
Standard Legal
74-923 Highway 111
Indian Wells, CA
14500 FM 470
Tarpley, TX
340 S Lemon Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
9900 Spectrum Drive
Austin, TX
1111 11 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
US Legal
3720 Flowood Drive
Flowood, MS
US Legal
2711 Centerville Road
Wilmington, DE


List of 10Best Online Legal Forms

Business.com Editorial Staff
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