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Latest Content:

You've Got Mail: A Guide to Email Marketing

Make sure your email communications inspire your customers

Email marketing is key to businesses' growth. Are you following the best practices?


How Does Severance Pay Work?

And what laws affect it?

Learn about the legal perspective behind employment contracts and severance pay.


5 Easy Tips for Steering Your Young Business Clear of Bad Credit

Simplifying business credit

Bad credit can cripple a new business. Keep yours safe with the right information.


Why It Could Take Up to 5 Years to Prepare Your Business for Sale

Don't wait until closing to clean up your books

A business doesn't become ready to sell overnight. Here are some good reasons it can take at least three years to prepare for sale.


Create a Better Marketing Strategy by Aligning Sales and Marketing

Strong sales and marketing alignment is core to success

Sales and marketing alignment is core to both inbound marketing and account-based marketing strategies. Here, you'll find actionable points to follow,...


Winning With Your Digital Transformation Project

It's about the human experience

Don't lose sight of the customer's experience on your way to digital transformation. Here are some of the right ways to do it.


Why Trademarks Matter for Expanding Businesses

The long-run benefits of filing

Why should you register a trademark for your business? Learn about the benefits and protections a trademark offers.


Planning for the Future to Help Your Business Today

11 ways to make your business function better today, and more attractive to buy tomorrow

Even if you don't plan to sell your business anytime soon, creating a company that will be attractive to potential buyers can benefit your business to...


3 Ways Micro-Influencers Are Impacting Social Media Marketing

Why they may be able to sell your brand best

Influencers with small but loyal followings may market your brand better than the social media giants. Learn why these micro-influencers are game-chan...


3 Ways to Beat the Summertime Blues with Better Employee Benefits

Simple ways to lift employees spirits during the summer

Providing employee benefits to nurture a better work-life balance – especially in the summer months – can boost mood as well as employee engagement, p...

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