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How to Create a Giveaway Campaign That Boosts Sales
BY Thomas Griffin

Offering an online contest can deliver ROI for your SMB in multiple ways.

Should I stop contacting a customer who isn't responding to my emails or phone calls?
QUESTION | BY Enrique Gonzalez | 7 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/27/19

Two months ago, we sent our response to a bid. I've been trying to get feedback and follow up with the customer, but they have gone silent. I've tried reaching them by email and phone. How long...

6 Automation Trends for Every Business in 2019
BY Ashish Deshpande

Automation is the way of the present as well as the future.

What Universal Basic Income Could Mean for Innovation
BY Siri Hedreen

Will a basic income boost entrepreneurship, or discourage it?

6 SEO Tactics Busy Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Ignore
BY Kim Kosaka

Build a sound SEO strategy following these six steps.

10 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement With Your Restaurant
BY Mark Masterson

With more competition than ever before, it's difficult for restaurant owners to find new customers. It's much better and cheaper to have repeat customers, and to do that, you need to stay connected...

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Push Notifications
BY Ravi Trivedi

Web push notifications are one of the best marketing tools for re-engaging users.

5 Security Measures for Verified Artificial Intelligence
BY Asim Rais Siddiqui

Nothing has transformed businesses like AI has. Given its frequent use in online systems, you need to ensure AI security has become essential for consumers and organizations to protect information...

Talking Shop: Smart Financial Habits Your Small Business Needs to Be Practicing
BY Chad Brooks

Keeping on top of your finances is critical to the success of your business.

How can I show off my personality more in my work?
QUESTION | BY Whitney Lynn | 29 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/26/19

I am working on launching my own photography business on the side. I want my photos to be known for being fun and natural, and have my customers trust me to capture a great moment. How can I showcase...

How Big Business Is Recruiting Talent in the 21st Century
BY David Trounce

With the changing expectations in workplace employment and recruiting, employers have had to rethink their entire process for attracting, engaging and retaining talent. Companies of all sizes can...

How to Become a Sought-After Employer
BY Heather Baker

Addressing our people strategy led to three employer awards, a 100% increase in applications for new vacancies and a boost in employee satisfaction. We transformed our employer brand, and it's...

Responsibilities of a Kitchen Manager
BY Skye Schooley

Kitchen managers must have leadership skills in addition to culinary arts training.

Courage Is a Key Component of Open-Minded Management
BY Kerry Goyette

Being an open, emotionally intelligent small business leader is constant — and courage is a huge part of that process.

How to Build Brand Authority by Leveraging Online Reviews
BY Wesley Cherisien

With rising advertising costs and increased competition among companies that are bidding for media placement, organic marketing is the secret ingredient that will need to become a core component in...

16 Tips for SMBs That Are Starting to Use Geolocation Advertising
BY Scott Gerber

Get the most out of this marketing approach with tips from those who've used it.

3 Tips for Choosing a Warehouse Space
BY Jonathan Keyser

Should you buy or lease your warehouse space? Here are three points to consider.

5 Things to Consider for an International Digital Marketing Strategy
BY Sean Hopwood

Follow these steps to market your business to an international audience.

MLMs Are Preying on the Dream of Entrepreneurship
BY Mona Bushnell

Multilevel marketing companies target women, immigrants and low-income minorities.

How to Use Brand Activism to Ethically Grow Your Brand
BY Margaret Olat

Learn how your business can support a social cause that you and your audience care about.