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Can you recommend alternatives to Twilio for mass texting a membership site?

QUESTION | BY Tracey Davis | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/15/19

I have a travel membership website. People sign up to receive travel deals via texts. If the deal is of interest they click on the site for details. I signed up with Twilio to send only texts...

What should I know about text message marketing?

QUESTION | BY Steven Goralnick | 7 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/15/19

I have access to hundreds of phone numbers from customers that have been in my pool store from this rewards program (FiveStar). I would like to part ways with the FiveStar service because it is too...

Where can I find a bulk text message broadcast program to use on my PC?

QUESTION | BY Ben Shockley | 9 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/15/19

I would like to send the same short text message to many contacts/customers at the same time. I do not want any adds or other promotions on the text. I want it to be a clean easy quick read for the...

How can I increase the market share of my airlines?

QUESTION | BY Raghav Mundara | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/15/19

I own a small airline that functions locally in Nepal. We are 3 partners and do not suffer from any communication gap or other problems between ourselves. We operate with 4 flights and fly locally...

How to get my clients for website design and development?

QUESTION | BY Nayan kumar | 0 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/15/19

I'm a professional freelancer Graphic designer, web designer, and web developer. I want to know what is the best ways or online marketing tips to get clients.

Why You Need to Develop Your Own, Unique Product

BY Jared Haw

If you want to take a larger share of the market, win clients and have higher margins, you'll need to develop your own product.

What's the best way to deal with non-paying or late-paying clients?

QUESTION | BY Colette Hamilton | 121 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/15/19

I've recently had to deal with clients who pay extremely late or simply avoid paying us entirely. I'd like to try to avoid lawsuits, and I'd also like to maintain as positive a relationship as...

How to Build a Business in the Legal Gray Zone

BY Chris Porteous

Industries like cannabis are taking off, but how difficult is it to start a business in a legally gray area like this? Here's how to start.

What is the best way to recruit sales reps for our wholesale jewelry business?


We have been established in the wholesale handmade jewelry business since 1985. We are looking for sales reps who visit the specialty gift shops and trading posts. What would you suggest to find the...

What is your favorite business book?

QUESTION | BY Anonymous User | 137 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/14/19

It may not be a book directly related to business but whose underlying principles, themes or statements have proved invaluable to your career/business/personal development.

Why is my website not showing up in search for certain keywords?


I started an audio-related website and for the last 3 months, I've published 8 articles and have a daily search engine visitor of 5 to 6 but my website is still not showing up for a single keyword...

PayPal Credit Card Processing: How to Accept Card Payments With PayPal

BY Adam C. Uzialko

Accepting debit and credit card payments is easy with PayPal. Here's how to do it.

How to Instill More Transparency in Your Business

BY Marc Boscher

Increased transparency can result in higher employee morale, higher retention and a growing bottom line.

How to Create a Company Culture Your Team Will Love

BY Dennis O’Keefe

Developing a strong company culture can benefit your business in a wide range of ways.

How to Pivot Your Business

BY Russell Smith

Thinking about pivoting your business? Before you do, ask yourself these five questions.

Marketing and Sales Tools That Streamline Outreach Communication

BY Rachel Krug

Learn how to use sales tools to streamline your efforts and convert leads into customers.

As a barbershop owner, is it legal to serve complimentary alcoholic beverages to clients in New York?

QUESTION | BY Marcus Hollins | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 12/12/19

My barbershop is located in Rochester, New York. I can't find any information backing whether it is legal or not to service complimentary alcoholic drinks to clients in the state of New York. I've...

How to Encourage Employees to Take Business Security Seriously

BY Matt Davey

Here are six ways you can help your employees prevent data breaches.

5 E-Commerce Trends You Should Expect in 2020

BY Syed Balkhi

Looking to grow your e-commerce business? Hop on these five trends for 2020.

7 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Brand Against Cyberattacks

BY Arjun Kohli

Follow these tips to keep your business and your brand safe from cyberattacks.