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Why Instagram's New Algorithm Is Good News for Businesses and Marketers
BY Dustin York

Here's how the changes could benefit your brand.

Blockchain and Digital Marketing: The Future of Innovation
BY Howard Goldstein

Blockchain can play an integral role in digital marketing.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Business?
BY Zac Johnson

Everyone's startup is different, but these expenses are typical and usually necessary.

The 10 Biggest Litigation Mistakes Companies Make
BY Joseph Saltiel

Should your business find itself in legal trouble, avoid these pitfalls.

Amazon Alexa at Work: 12 Skills for Small Businesses
BY Michael Georgiou

Amazon has found a way to integrate Alexa into your business.

Poor Connectivity Stifles Technology Growth for Rural Businesses
BY Sue Marquette Poremba

Rural businesses often lack access to reliable internet and tech services.

How to Create Community Around Your Brand
BY Syed Balkhi

Using online and in-person methods can help you grow a loyal brand following.

Should Your Business Hire an SEO Expert?
BY Ethan Spielman

You can try to go it alone, but it's worth it to improve your revenue through better SEO.

How to Market Your 'Non-Millennial' Business to Millennials
BY Adrian Fisher

With the right strategies, you can appeal to Generation Y, even if your industry doesn't.

If You Want Young Talent, Make Your Office More Social
BY Steve Robertson

Gen Z is entering the workforce. What makes them tick?

Why Business Are Still Sending Faxes in 2018
BY Naoimi Young

For some businesses, faxing is more important than ever.

8 Effective Ways to Keep Track of Your Business's Legal Information
BY Scott Gerber

These systems offer convenient, secure ways your business can track its legal documents

How to Get Your Employees on Board With Brand Advocacy
BY Manish Dudharejia

Your employees' posts on their own networks can be one of your best tools.

How Offering Professional Development Opportunities to Employees Helps Your Small Business
BY Adam Uzialko

When your employees have access to free skill development, everyone wins.

10 Marketing Podcasts You Should Download Immediately
BY Syed Balkhi

Check out these 10 podcasts to take your marketing skills up a notch.

How Your Product Packaging Can Win Buyers' Hearts
BY Abhijeet Shah

A good product package isn't trash; it's a powerful extension of your brand.

Should You Hire a Lawyer When Launching Your Business?
BY Mason Cole

Here are 4 areas where hiring a business attorney can pay off for your startup.

Small Business Guide to SEO
BY Ethan Spielman

Search engine optimization can ensure your business website is positioned well for growth.

How to Deal When Employees Go Rogue Booking Business Travel
BY Scott Hyden

Here's how to get employees to book their travel in a way that benefits the whole company.

How to Safely Build More Backlinks to Your Business Website
BY Andreas Rivera

There's a right way and a wrong way to increase your website's SEO.