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Your Guide to COVID-19 Business Resources

We at pledge to keep you as informed as possible on developments on the outbreak, in addition to offering you tools and suggestions to help you weather this unexpected downturn.

Expert Business Advice, Tips and Resources for Navigating this Uncertain Time

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The Post-PPP Tax Realities You Should Know
If your business received money through the Paycheck Protection Program, your tax situation for 2020 will be different from previous years.
Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins
Is Your SBA Loan in Default? Forgiveness Is Possible
Learn about the SBA's offer in compromise process, including who is eligible and important do's and don'ts for handling SBA default.
Jason Milleisen
Jason Milleisen
Can Employers Require Employees to Get the COVID Vaccine?
Learn the legal ins and outs of requiring your employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Small Business Optimism Sinks as COVID-19 Rages, New President Takes Office
Small business owners are pessimistic about the coming months, but there are reasons to be optimistic over the longer term.
Donna Fuscaldo
Donna Fuscaldo
New Round of Paycheck Protection Program Loans Coming: What You Need to Know
The Paycheck Protection Program has been revamped and funded under the $900 billion coronavirus stimulus bill that President Trump signed on Dec. 27.
Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko
PPP Round 2: How Much, and How to Have It Forgiven
The Paycheck Protection Program is open for a new round of funding. See if you qualify, how to apply for forgiveness, and what you can use the loan to cover.
Eric Leopardi
Eric Leopardi
How Small Businesses Can Budget for a Tumultuous 2021
Creating a business budget for the new year is challenging when it's not clear when the pandemic will end. Here's how to budget for an uncertain 2021.
Donna Fuscaldo
Donna Fuscaldo

Latest in SMB News: Advice, Tips and Resources

State of Small Business Lending
By Donna Fuscaldo | November 17, 2021

It's a good time to be in the market for a small business loan. Interest rates are low, lenders have money to put to work, and underwriting standards are easing.

How to Effectively Implement Employee Monitoring Software
By Aigerim Berzinya | November 05, 2021

Employee monitoring software, when used in a transparent manner, can help your business. Learn how to implement it properly.

How to Avoid Burnout When You're Working From Home (and Can't Leave)
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 05, 2021

Burnout is a serious result of prolonged, severe stress. Here's how to spot and avoid it.

What Is a Merit Pay Increase?
By Julie Thompson | November 04, 2021

Merit increases can boost worker productivity and retention, but you need to know if they're right for your business and the best ways to implement them.

Onboarding vs. Orientation: What's the Difference?
By Sean Peek | November 03, 2021

Many people conflate onboarding and orientation, but these two important HR processes have key differences that set employees up for success.

Need a Loan? Lending Trends That Are Increasing Your Chances of Getting Funds
By Donna Fuscaldo | November 02, 2021

New regulations and fintech are changing the funding landscape.

How to Survive When Business Is Slow
By Simone Johnson | November 02, 2021

Many businesses experience financial ups and downs. Here are tips to help you stay afloat when business slows down.

What Is Risk in Business Insurance?
By Nicole Urbanowicz | November 01, 2021

In insurance, risk is the chance of an adverse or unexpected event that results in an insurance claim. Learn how insurance companies assess risk and what your business should do to mitigate it.

What Services Can a PEO Provide for Your Small Business?
By Joshua Stowers | November 01, 2021

Learn about the HR services you can outsource to a PEO.

How to Get PPP Loan Forgiveness
By Donna Fuscaldo | October 25, 2021

Paycheck Protection Program loans are coming due, but you don't have to worry about paying it back if you apply for forgiveness.

How to Accept Apple Pay
By Jennifer Dublino | October 15, 2021

Apple Pay is the top contactless mobile payment method in the U.S. Learn how your business can start accepting Apple Pay online and in person.

What Is Ransomware?
By Donna Fuscaldo | September 22, 2021

Hackers use malware to encrypt a business's data or lock them out of the company network. Known as ransomware, this practice has become a big problem for businesses across the globe.

Identity Access Control Guide
By Jeff Hale | September 21, 2021

Identity and access management systems are important security systems that all businesses should employ to protect their networks, systems and data.

How to Use Biometric Access Control Systems
By Julie Ritzer Ross | September 21, 2021

For small and midsize businesses, biometric technology has many uses - along with multiple advantages and disadvantages.

How to Avoid Creating an Annoying Email Campaign
By Andrew Martins | August 31, 2021

People are leery of promotional emails, so it's important not to annoy potential customers with your campaign. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid that problem.

20 Features to Look for in a CRM
By Sean Peek | August 30, 2021

Here are the top qualities to consider when selecting CRM software for your business.

Using Form 941 to Pay Quarterly Payroll Taxes
By David Gargaro | August 18, 2021

This guide explains Form 941, which employers need to fill out for tax withholdings from employee paychecks during payroll.

How to Accept Credit Card Payments: A Beginner's Guide
By Adam Uzialko | August 13, 2021

You know your business needs to accept credit cards. So how can your business accept them?

Business Scams 101: Common Schemes and How to Avoid Them
By editorial staff | August 12, 2021

Scammers want to steal from your company. Here’s what they do, and how you can shut them down.

Lawsuits on the Rise: Small Businesses Need EPLI
By Nicole Urbanowicz | July 28, 2021

This guide explains employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) and why small businesses need it to protect them from legal costs and penalties associated with lawsuits.

13 Things to Consider Before Starting a Restaurant
By Max Freedman | July 15, 2021

There are several crucial factors that must be planned for and taken into account when you're considering opening a restaurant.

Business Accommodations for Employees with Hearing Impairments, Vision Impairments, Or Other Disabilities
By editorial staff | June 24, 2021

It's important for businesses to be accessible for all employees.

What Is Employee Attrition?
By Nicole Fallon | June 23, 2021

If your business is struggling with employee attrition, it may be helpful to analyze your workforce trends and find the root cause.

Almost Half of Workers Support Employers Mandating Vaccination
By Chad Brooks | June 15, 2021

Four percent of workers say they'll quit if they are forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

How to Make Your CRM Your Company's Most Flexible Tool
By Stella Morrison | June 15, 2021

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a key tool for most modern businesses. Here's how to make your CRM system adapt to your existing business operations.

9 Workplace Safety Tips for Business
By Max Freedman | May 07, 2021

Having a safe working environment is essential, which is why you should have a plan to reduce the risks of injury.

What Is a Site-to-Site VPN?
By Sean Peek | May 05, 2021

A site-to-site VPN allows workers to securely access resources from a remote location.

Cloud VPN: Definition, Types, Benefits and More
By Nicole Fallon | May 05, 2021

Cloud VPNs are an increasingly popular choice for businesses that want to encrypt sensitive company data for their remote workforce.