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Your Guide to COVID-19 Business Resources

We at pledge to keep you as informed as possible on developments on the outbreak, in addition to offering you tools and suggestions to help you weather this unexpected downturn.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2020

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Latest in SMB News: Advice, Tips and Resources

How do you effectively communicate with your customers during coronavirus?
QUESTION | BY Skye Schooley | 5 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 05/25/20

How often should you be reaching out to your customers during coronavirus, and which platforms should be using? What should you be saying to customers, and what should you AVOID saying? (Note:...

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Success of Independent Bookstores
BY Bill Brunelle

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to find a way to highlight what makes your business unique.

Businesses 'LinkedIn' Together During a Crisis
BY Eric Leopardi

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn is a powerful tool, if you use it properly.

Small Business COVID-19 Diaries: Part 3
BY Adam Uzialko

COVID-19 upended economic activity and disrupted small business owners' lives. Here are stories from real entrepreneurs about how the novel coronavirus pandemic is impacting them.

How to Spend Paycheck Protection Program Funds and Obtain Forgiveness
BY Adam Uzialko

The SBA extended the deadline for businesses to return their Paycheck Protection Program loans to May 18. Here's what to know about returning your funds.

Treat COVID-19 Remote Work as a Test Run
BY Dr. Cindy McGovern

Remote work is becoming more popular with companies and employees. Treat the remote work trend during COVID-19 as a test run for what the future might hold.

4 Reasons Why CEOs Should Start Writing Thought Leadership Articles
BY Deborah Sweeney

Thought leadership allows CEOs to position themselves as experts within their niche.

How to Start a Business with an Invention
BY Mona Bushnell

Learn how entrepreneur Grace Eleyae created a product that she wanted and couldn't find elsewhere, and how it led her to start a successful business in the beauty and hair care industry.

How CFOs Can Lead Their Companies Through a Pandemic
BY Sarah Spoja

With so many unknowns, it’s impossible to say what the economy will look like in a year. However, that does not mean CFOs can't prepare their teams and companies for what comes next. Here are four...

Is Your CNP Fraud-Detection System Confused by Consumer Behavior Now? That Could Damage Your Business
BY Rafael Lourenco

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how consumers behave. These changes could be causing a spike in good orders mistaken for fraud, creating irreparable damage for businesses.

What Is Telemedicine, and How Does It Work?
BY Adam Uzialko

Telemedicine is the use of remote conferencing technology to facilitate virtual consultations between patients and healthcare providers. Here's how it works.

Health and Wellness Advice for Entrepreneurs in the Time of COVID-19
BY Conrad Egusa

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout has mounted unprecedented challenges for the entrepreneurial community. It’s more important than even for business owners to keep themselves healthy.

Can You File a Business Interruption Claim During COVID-19? It Depends
BY Dan Rafter

With many businesses across the country forced to close or pause due to the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent restrictions, here are things that business owners can do to protect themselves.

The COVID-19 Return-to-Work Guide for Small Businesses
BY Mona Bushnell

Find out how and when to reopen your business safely, with industry-specific advice for small business owners.

Ensuring Emotional Safety and Security for Your Remote Workers
BY Isaac Kohen

Is your small business able to pick up on employees' signs of stress during COVID-19 that could be impacting their well-being and work?

Key Actions Small Businesses Should Take to Survive COVID-19
BY Tucker Mathis

Take steps to preserve your cash and access, expand online sales pathways, and cultivate customer relationships to survive a financial crisis.

How Remote Working Is Affecting Business IT Security
BY Chris Porteous

With employees tasked with operating from their own homes, workplaces now have to open up their trusted databases and servers to computers that are not within their "circle of trust."

Recovery Scenarios for Business Leaders Impacted by COVID-19
BY Rob Shelton

The novel coronavirus pandemic is an economic crisis as much as it is a public health catastrophe. Here's how to shift from surviving to thriving during the pandemic recovery.

Which software do you recommend using to manage your team remotely?
QUESTION | BY Daniel Elton | 12 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 05/13/20

I am operating a small business during the COVID-19 lock down period. How do you manage your remote team? Is there any specific apps/software you rely on/recommend?

5 Tips for Delivering a Remote Sales Demo That Converts
BY Victor Snyder

Remote sales demos are your opportunity to show off all of your digital product's bells and whistles and close the sale. But even with cutting-edge virtual demo solutions, not every demo ends in...