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Your Guide to COVID-19 Business Resources

We at pledge to keep you as informed as possible on developments on the outbreak, in addition to offering you tools and suggestions to help you weather this unexpected downturn.

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Latest in SMB News: Advice, Tips and Resources

Small Business COVID-19 Diaries: Part 2
BY Adam Uzialko

These three small business owners are coping with challenges facing many entrepreneurs due to COVID-19 pandemic. Here are their stories.

How to Successfully Manage Remote Work Amid COVID-19
BY Derek Gallimore

Making sure you are getting the most out of your remote employees is critical during the current environment.

How to Launch a Home Delivery Business During COVID-19
BY Marc Kuo

Is your business in a position to pivot to making home deliveries?

How to Triage and Build Resilience During Uncertain Times
BY Nichole Kelly

The impact of COVID-19 is just beginning, and the end is nowhere in sight. So what do we do? We respond.

How to Support Furloughed Employees (and Bring Them Back to Work Properly)
BY Adam Uzialko

The pandemic and its economic impacts have led many companies to furlough employees. Here's what you can do to support your furloughed employees and bring them back to work the right way.

How will COVID-19 permanently affect remote work trends?
QUESTION | BY Skye Schooley | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 05/01/20

COVID-19 has drastically changed how businesses operate. After the world resumes back to "normal," what remote work changes will businesses permanently adopt? What businesses have benefited from...

How to Boost Employee Wellbeing With Mobile During COVID-19
BY Jared Atchison

Maintaining team connections is more important than ever in this time of remote work and uncertainty. Here are some mobile tools and methods to boost your team's morale and productivity.

How to Build a Resilient Business: Lessons From the Last Pandemic
BY Mona Bushnell

What economics lessons can we learn from the 1918 pandemic, and what are successful businesses doing to survive the 2020 pandemic?

How Small Businesses Can Market Themselves During A Crisis
BY Kent Moon

The world is currently going through very unprecedented times. One small business owner offers guidance to fellow business owners on how their company can survive.

5 Ways Your Business Can Boost Its Productivity During the COVID-19 Pandemic
BY Nathan Resnick

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven problematic for businesses worldwide. While many economic factors are beyond the control of entrepreneurs, productivity needn't be something that declines, too.

Small Biz PR and Marketing During a Global Crisis? Yes, You Can
BY Matthew Bretzius

In times like these, it's easy for small businesses to hunker down and pull back on marketing their companies until it blows over. There may be more opportunity than you think.

The Five W's of the CARES Act for Small Business Owners
BY Jason Fry

Here's a breakdown of the "who, what, when, where and why" every business owner should know about the unemployment provisions in the CARES Act.

How to Plan for the Future of Your Business During Coronavirus
BY Adam Uzialko

The pandemic has forced many businesses to close or drastically adapt their business models to survive. Here's how to plan for the future of your business during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

How to Create a Remote Help Desk for Your Business
BY Skye Schooley

Follow this six-step process to create an effective remote help desk for your business.

8 Steps for Successfully Managing a Business Crisis
BY Kevin Leyes

You never know when a crisis may occur, but all businesses should spend time developing a plan for how to handle one when it does happen.

Lemonade From Lemons: Don't Let the COVID-19 Crisis Go to Waste
BY Alexey Chalimov

Crisis is an opportunity for innovation. How can your business make the best of this situation and come out stronger than ever?

SPONSORED: Top 10 Things to Watch Out for as You Explore 7(a) or 7(b) Loan Funding
BY Rapid Finance

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the federal government to develop economic relief loan programs. Here's what you need to know about the Paycheck Protection Program and an Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

The Best Ways to Hire and Retain Employees
BY Nick Bogacz

In any type of economy, the best way to hire is to retain the good employees you already have. Many companies are concerned over retention, however (PwC's annual CEO report identified that leaders...

Paycheck Protection Program Receives $310B in New Funding
BY Adam Uzialko

The Paycheck Protection Program, a COVID-19 economic relief program created under the CARES Act, received $310 billion in additional funding.

Bringing Legal Practices Into the 21st Century
BY Jon Robinson

More law firms are recognizing that they need a 21st century technology makeover to remain competitive, accelerate growth and increase profitability. To achieve this, firms are leveraging practice...