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How to Inspire Employee Excellence During the Summer Slump

Ways to maintain morale during the sweltering, stifling months of summer

How do you maintain motivation and morale during the sweltering, stifling months of summer? Here are seven ways to keep your team motivated.


The On-Demand Economy: What It Is and How It’s Changing Business

Meeting the demands of an emerging demographic

The on-demand economy has shifted the way we interact with businesses and the way businesses offer us deals. This on-demand setup makes for a win-win...


4 Ways to Optimize Your Customer Service (and Boost Conversions in the Process)

Here's how customer service can help boost your bottom line.

Use these four simple tips to take your customer service to the next level.


Time for a Construction Loan? How to Get One

Whether you are taking a loan out for a home or business project, there are a few things you should be aware of before pursuing a loan.


Rugged Tablet and iPad Buying Guide

Need a mobile device that withstands tough conditions?

The rugged tablets and cases we've reviewed can stand up to water, heat, vibration, impacts and dust.


Customers Not Paying? Time to Consider Factoring.

Selling your accounts receiveable can alleviate a short-term financial crunch

As a contractor or subcontractor, your available cash flow can vary greatly when you depend on payments from clients.


Collections or Factoring? Understanding the Difference

You have two main options when your clients haven't paid.

When your client hasn't paid, you have two options: collections or factoring. Before you choose one, you need to understand the differences.


5 Easy Tactics That Optimize Conversion Rates

Having trouble converting leads? Check out how to optimize conversion rates!

Why are you failing at turning all that traffic have and into sales?


Will AI Revolution Lead to Mass Unemployment?

What artificial intelligence might mean for your job and industry

Artificial Intelligence-based systems and chatbots are taking every industry by storm. As much as they are playing an important role in making tasks a...


5 Lessons Learned From Industry Disruptors

How will your business disrupt your industry?

At any given time, there are likely hundreds of industries and verticals that can and should be disrupted. Learn five great lessons from recent indust...

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