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Rescue Poor Customer Service Reviews with These Four Steps

Boost Your Ratings and Reviews

Your customer service reps are the face of your company.


Bottom-Up Culture Change in a Company

Getting employees to lead the charge

Managers often feel like their company resists change, especially when it impacts company culture. Top-down approaches are often resisted by the organ...


How I Nearly Doubled My Conversion Rate and How You Can Too

Make that first step for your customer easier

Increasing your conversion rate doesn't have to be a guessing game. One business owner shares how she nearly doubled her rate with one change.


Buying a Retail POS System? Here's How to Choose the Right One

What to look for in a modern, and technologically advanced POS system for your business

The retail industry is in the middle of a technological revolution that starts with the POS system. Here are the must-have features to look for in a r...


Text Message Marketing: Is It Good for Your Business?

Communicate with consumers the way they want it

One of the most confounding parts of managing a small business is determining how to best market your brand to customers.


A Marketer's Guide to Social Media Marketing

Businesses can no longer ignore the power of social media marketing

Between Facebook, Twitter and Google+, your business can benefit from using social media to reach a wider audience of potential customers.


Presentation Matters: 13 Tips to Showcase Your Thought Leadership Online

Tricks for entrepreneurs to establish themselves as thought leaders

These 13 tips can help entrepreneurs showcase their skills and expertise to emerge as thought leaders in their fields.


12 Programs to Keep Remote Teams Connected

These software programs make project collaboration simple for remote teams

Twelve entrepreneurs reveal the file-sharing apps and programs they use to files, teams and projects organized.


5 Practical Ways to Become a Better Manager

The differences that can inspire your team to new heights

The main job of business owners and managers is to get top results out of everyone in their company. Too often, busy professionals do not invest in bu...


Ways to Grow Your Business in a Mature Market

Markets evolve and so should your business if you want to stay on top

For many companies, the mature market stage presents unique challenges. Here's how to best position your company for growth so you come out on top.

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