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Latest Content:

IoT Hardware vs. Software Product Development: What Entrepreneurs Must Know

Hardware and software products have some key differences in their development and launch.

There are some major differences between developing and launching a hardware product and software. Here's what you need to know about each.


What the Blockchain Means for the Future of Small Business Funding

Blockchain can create new opportunities for funding while improving SMB lending decisions.

Blockchain can help create new opportunities for funding while helping existing institutions make better lending decisions for SMBs, thus improving ac...


Hiring Tech Talent? How to Close Your Company's Cloud Skills Gap

Most companies recognize the cloud skills gap, but aren't sure what to do about it.

Most companies recognize the cloud skills gap, but aren't sure what to do about it. Here's what you can do to bridge that gap.


How Blockchain Can Help Companies Cut Wasted Costs

One of the many potential solutions blockchain offers is greater cost efficiency.

Blockchain's potential to solve security and record-keeping issues has been well publicized, but it also has the potential to make multiple business p...


How to Successfully Outsource Software Development

Planning ahead and following these five tips can ensure a successful outcome.

Software development outsourcing can be quite a challenge. By planning ahead and following these tips, you can join the ranks of those few companies t...


How IT Can Embrace Digital Transformation Without Compromising Security

As business goes more digital, it's also more vulnerable to attacks.

The digital transformation of business opens up a whole new batch of cyberthreats. It's crucial for IT executives to evolve their approach to security...


Why the Best Students Are Not the Biggest Successes

Following the rules may not be the path to business stardom.

A letter grade or professional degree often bears little weight compared to entrepreneurship and business acumen.


What Are 7702 Plans and How Can They Be Used for Retirement?

These life insurance policies are tax deferred over time to build cash value.

Named for a section in the IRS Internal Revenue Code (IRC), 7702 plans aren't retirement funds at all. They are life insurance policies that can be le...


New Salesforce Integration Cloud for SMBs is Built for Scaling and Synergy

Check out these small business-friendly features of the new Salesforce Integration Cloud.

Here's how your business could use Salesforce Integration Cloud.


Your Organization is Leaking Knowledge Everywhere

Companies need to take advantage of informal training to retain internal information.

Knowledge leak happens when departments shrink or employees move on, and relying on oral tradition compounds the problem. Companies need to take advan...

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