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Latest Content:

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Accounting

For nonprofits, the ins and outs of accounting can be tricky.

Tax requirements for nonprofits are stringent, and it can be hard to track all your variable funding sources if you don't have an accountant on staff.


8 Mailing and Shipping Money-Saving Tips and Tricks

These eight tips will make sure your mailing costs don't get out of hand.

You may think your shipping and mailing costs are fine, but we bet these tips will save you money.


SMEs and Cybersecurity Challenges: A Wakeup Call

When it comes to cyber attacks, organizations of all sizes remain at risk.

SMEs are equally vulnerable to cyber attacks as large organizations. Here are some of the cybersecurity misconceptions many small to mid-sized busines...


4 Traits All Construction Workers Should Have

If you are hiring or applying for a construction team, keep these qualities in mind.

Certain skills set your construction team up for success. Learn what they are so you can look for them in employees or yourself.


Why Most Startups Fail (and How You Can Avoid It)

Here's how to ensure your business isn't a casualty during its first year of operation.

Many startups fail. Learn the seven most common reasons why startups fail and what strategies you can adopt to increase your chances of success.


Beyond the Business Card: How to Build Lasting Client Relationships

An entrepreneur should offer something thoughtful and unique to clients.

Customers probably won't remember you if you just hand them a card, because it shows little effort or personalization. Here are some ways to stand apa...


Is AI a 'Must-Have' for Small Business? This GWU Expert Says Yes

Investing in cutting-edge technology is expensive, but it can pay off for SMBs.

Ayman El Tarabishy, executive director of the International Council for Small Business and a professor of management at George Washington University's...


Considering Investing In a Franchise? Here Are 6 Key Questions to Ask

Asking franchisees these six questions will make your decision crystal clear.

Buying into the right franchise requires a lot of due diligience on the part of the potential investor. One of the most important things he or she can...


9 Bookkeeping Programs to Help Your Business Manage Finances

These applications make it easier to keep track of expenses.

The whole operation falls apart if you're not on top of your company's finances. Here are some software tools to make your bookkeeping easier.


Postage Meters: Calculating Costs, Types, Purchasing Tips and Terms

Postage is technically a form of currency, so you can't own a meter. But you can rent one.

In the U.S., postage meters cannot be purchased or sold, only rented or leased. Learn what hidden fees to be aware of when calculating costs.

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