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From loans and investing to managing your business finances, here you'll find a real solution to your every financial need.

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Know Your Customers: How Different Generations Prefer To Pay
By Kristen Gramigna | December 01, 2016

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, different demographics prefer different payment methods.

Closing the Gap: Lending to Underserved Small Businesses
By Dan Blacharski | November 02, 2016

Challenges and opportunities for underserved, minority, and immigrant-founded startups

Invoice Intelligently: 5 Ways to Get Paid Faster
By Renzo Costarella | September 26, 2016

Here are five ways to get your bills paid faster so you can focus on scaling and improving your business, not playing bill collector.

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How might a consultant transition from hourly rates to a value pricing model?
By Rosanna Nadeau | 14 Answers | Last Activity on September 26, 2016

I have typically used hourly rates, quarterly/annual and project rates for customers. Generally, I estimate the number of hours that will be needed for a piece of work and then calculate the price...

How do I determine pricing for my services?
By Asmaa Lasheen | 12 Answers | Last Activity on September 08, 2016

Hi, I have created a company to provide various computer services, including the following: - Create blog, online gallery or website (free domain) - Design ads, catalog, and business Cards - Make...

The 4 Biggest Red Flags in Credit Card Processing
By Ellen Cunningham | August 26, 2016

Learn the biggest red flags in credit card processing to protect yourself from expensive charges and equipment.

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Beyond Square: Taking Credit Cards with Your Smartphone
By Ellen Cunningham | July 05, 2016

Smartphone processing was popularized by Square, but these days there are lots of options. Here are some choices for taking cards on the go.

There's a Fee for That: Pros and Cons of Surcharging Credit Cards
By Ellen Cunningham | June 30, 2016

For businesses grappling with the high cost of credit card acceptance, surcharging may help defray costs. Here are the pros and cons.

10 Credit Card Payment Services for Small Business Owners
By Drew Hendricks | June 14, 2016

There thousands of business decisions that small business owners have to make. One of the most important, however, is which service they’ll select as their credit card payment processing options.

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8 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Save Money Around Your Office
By Faizan Raza | May 11, 2016

Cut costs today with these simple yet brilliant ideas for saving money. Get ready to see more cash!

How the Self-Employed Can Make Roth IRA Contributions
By business.com editorial staff | April 27, 2016

If you're self-employed, a Roth IRA is one of the essential retirement saving tools you need in your arsenal.

Payments Suck: Breaking Down the Current Landscape of Payment Processing
By Peter Daisyme | March 25, 2016

Mobile payments present a world of opportunities, yet despite the possibilities, the payment industry has yet to catch-up. Learn more.

Cashing In: The Top 25 Cities to Launch a Finance Business
By John Rampton | February 29, 2016

Whether you’re an accountant, financial advisor, or entrepreneur in FinTech, starting your own finance business in these cities is best.

What questions do I need to ask a financial advisor before coming to a hiring decision?
By Eli Jacobs | 9 Answers | Last Activity on February 24, 2016

I want to hire a financial advisor for the upcoming fiscal year. I've done a lot of research on what credentials are important for a financial advisor to have and what services should be included....

What are some good financial planning tools for startups?
By Mathias Bhm | 16 Answers | Last Activity on January 02, 2016

What state of the art financial planning tools are available for a software startup? Should we use either excel or google docs templates or maybe some good cloud software? Thanks.

How much in savings should I have before starting a business?
By Jane Emery | 18 Answers | Last Activity on December 24, 2015

I have often heard that making money from your own business always takes longer than expected. I have planned for 6 months with no income. Is that enough?

How to gain additional working capital when your credit has taken a hit?
By Diane Tanner | 13 Answers | Last Activity on October 23, 2015

My company is at it's tipping point and getting ready to either skyrocket or implode, depending on lack of, or gain of working capital. My business is by nature, extremely slow in the summer, and...

What is the best way to calculate project profitability for profitability analysis?
By Shubhada Paranjape | 4 Answers | Last Activity on October 20, 2015

It is a crucial step to calculate expected profit for the project. What are the best possible ways to calculate project profitability when the resource utilization is less than say 50% or when the...

What crowdfunding website do you recommend?
By Imanuel Larcher | 17 Answers | Last Activity on October 16, 2015

There are several. I want to get your feedback. Which one do you currently recommend?

8 Steps to Getting $8,000 Out of Your Free Yelp Listing
By Brian Sutter | October 07, 2015

Yelp has the power to change your business—for better or worse. Here are 8 creative ways to get more revenue out the platform.

What should I know about a company before I buy shares?
By Jahangeer Shams | 6 Answers | Last Activity on September 03, 2015

I'm a software engineer. I want to buy shares of a company. How should I select a company to buy shares in? What do I need to know about the company first? How many shares should I invest and what...

Cash Flow Management: What Do Credit Cards Have to Do With It?
By Gail Cavanaugh | July 29, 2015

Plus, Controlling Bank Fees and Lowering Risk

How should I set the prices for my new clothing brand?
By Dashia Saunderlin | 10 Answers | Last Activity on July 19, 2015

I just started my own clothing called Crowns Clothing Collection that I want to sell at an affordable price for my target market. Crowns Clothing Collection is targeted towards teens and young adults...

Identifying Online Fraud & How to Stop It
By Geoffrey Grow | May 26, 2015

The wide variety of online payment methods plays a big role in the proliferation of ecommerce, but it also provides opportunities for fraud.

Shopper's Delight: The Fundamental Guidelines for E-Commerce Design
By Jerry Low | May 18, 2015

How to keep your website visitors happy and coming back for more

Earth Day Aspirations: Saving Money While Saving the Environment
By Pratik Dholakiya | April 22, 2015

What if being environmentally conscious could actually save you money? Find out why all signs are pointing towards going green.

PCI Compliance: What It Means to Your Digital Security
By Zahra Bajgiran | March 31, 2015

What is PCI compliance and why should you care? The livelihood of your small business could depend on it.

Digital Wallet: The Future of Pay, and Why You Should Care
By Dave Landry Jr. | February 23, 2015

Get up to speed with the future: the digital wallet.

How much should I expect to pay for a financial planner?
By Scott W Johnson | 15 Answers | Last Activity on February 04, 2015

How much should I expect to pay for a financial planning service or expert? I am not interested in someone to manage my money, only to draw up a plan for me. Thank You

What is the best way to value a start up?
By Sunoop Balaraman | 16 Answers | Last Activity on January 14, 2015

What is the multiplier being used on gross revenue for Ecommerce companies to help me find the best way to value a start up. I.e. if a company is generating a gross revenue of $50,000, then what...