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From loans and investing to managing your business finances, here you'll find a real solution to your every financial need.

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Making Sure Your Construction Business Gets Paid on Time
By Amy Nichol Smith | July 19, 2017

It all starts with an in-depth knowledge of the contract

Financing Your Retail Store
By Amy Nichol Smith | May 26, 2017

Your financing options aren't limited to only small business loans

Understanding Omnichannel Payments
By Ellen Cunningham | April 28, 2017

Your online payment method should be as convenient and professional as in-person payments.

A Guide to Restaurant Payment Processing
By business.com editorial staff | March 03, 2017

Don't rush into a credit card processing agreement.

Cashback or Rewards? Which Perk Is Best for Your Business
By Roman Shteyn | January 13, 2017

Card issuers normally offer each type of card among their business credit card lineups

Small Business Owner Retirement Traps to Avoid
By Jeff Boettcher | January 04, 2017

Small Business owners may need to take an entirely different approach to retirement

Getting a Loan from Your Payment Processor: What You Should Know
By Rebecca Wessell | December 31, 2016

Thinking about getting a loan from PayPal or Square? Read this first

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Should You Start a Business If You Have Debt?
By Rebecca Wessell | December 08, 2016

The short answer is yes – if you're smart about it.

U.S. Tax Considerations for Amazon FBA International Sellers
By Joshua Ashman Ephraim Moss | December 08, 2016

International sellers who rely on Amazon Fulfillment-by-Amazon need to know the tax code.

Know Your Customers: How Different Generations Prefer To Pay
By Kristen Gramigna | December 01, 2016

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, different demographics prefer different payment methods.

Closing the Gap: Lending to Underserved Small Businesses
By Dan Blacharski | November 02, 2016

Challenges and opportunities for underserved, minority, and immigrant-founded startups

Invoice Intelligently: 5 Ways to Get Paid Faster
By Renzo Costarella | September 26, 2016

Here are five ways to get your bills paid faster so you can focus on scaling and improving your business, not playing bill collector.

The 4 Biggest Red Flags in Credit Card Processing
By Ellen Cunningham | August 26, 2016

Learn the biggest red flags in credit card processing to protect yourself from expensive charges and equipment.

Beyond Square: Taking Credit Cards with Your Smartphone
By Ellen Cunningham | July 05, 2016

Smartphone processing was popularized by Square, but these days there are lots of options. Here are some choices for taking cards on the go.

There's a Fee for That: Pros and Cons of Surcharging Credit Cards
By Ellen Cunningham | June 30, 2016

For businesses grappling with the high cost of credit card acceptance, surcharging may help defray costs. Here are the pros and cons.

10 Credit Card Payment Services for Small Business Owners
By Drew Hendricks | June 14, 2016

There thousands of business decisions that small business owners have to make. One of the most important, however, is which service they’ll select as their credit card payment processing options.

8 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Save Money Around Your Office
By Faizan Raza | May 11, 2016

Cut costs today with these simple yet brilliant ideas for saving money. Get ready to see more cash!

How the Self-Employed Can Make Roth IRA Contributions
By business.com editorial staff | April 27, 2016

If you're self-employed, a Roth IRA is one of the essential retirement saving tools you need in your arsenal.

Payments Suck: Breaking Down the Current Landscape of Payment Processing
By Peter Daisyme | March 25, 2016

Mobile payments present a world of opportunities, yet despite the possibilities, the payment industry has yet to catch-up. Learn more.

Cashing In: The Top 25 Cities to Launch a Finance Business
By John Rampton | February 29, 2016

Whether you’re an accountant, financial advisor, or entrepreneur in FinTech, starting your own finance business in these cities is best.