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Everything you need to know about funding for your business from SBA Loans and commercial real estate loans, to finding investors.

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What Are the Best Options for Financing a Franchise?
By Meredith Wood | September 28, 2015

So you want to invest in a franchise—great choice! Reference this list of top franchise financing choices when you're ready to get started.

Internet of Things & You: Finding Investors to Fund Your IoT Startup
By Peter Daisyme | August 20, 2015

With the Internet of Things becoming such a favored space for investing, it's easy to find investors if you have the right business model.

My friend and I are planning to spend a year on a motorcycle traveling throughout the world. Do you think I could get sponsors?
By Julian canan Borquez castillo | 4 Answers | Last Activity on August 17, 2015

We would like to find sponsors on cellphones, equipment and motorcycles to do a road trip throughout the whole world. We would film, blog and publicize everything. So what would be the best way to...

I need funding for my business, but don't have a lot of collateral. Any suggestions?
By Jessie Brown | 3 Answers | Last Activity on August 16, 2015

I'm a 27 veteran of the Real Estate Business and presently operating out of my home. I previously owned a Real Estate Franchise and felt overwhelmed with the overhead. This time I decided to start...

Bank Loan Request, Denied: Who Will Help Fund Your Business Now?
By for LoanMe | August 12, 2015

Alternative Lending Sources to Finance Your Dream Venture

Do investors prefer a simplified or detailed business plan?
By Amber Pleiss | 10 Answers | Last Activity on August 11, 2015

What type of business plan should be used when working with investors and raising startup capital? I have a simplified plan with 1, 3, and 5 year goals. My company is a new start up in Tech industry...

How can I get an MVP before a Kickstarter campaign is funded?
By Enzo Silva | 8 Answers | Last Activity on July 26, 2015

I have an approved Kickstarter campaign for a learning community, once I publish, what are the best ways to get funding and securing developers and designer? Ideally I'd have an MVP before publishing...

Digital Wallet: The Future of Pay, and Why You Should Care
By Dave Landry Jr. | February 23, 2015

Get up to speed with the future: the digital wallet.

Before the Business Loan: Questions That Must Be Asked
By Tom Gazaway | February 18, 2015

The key to a great borrower-lender relationship is communication and proper funding. Here are 5 questions your lender should ask you.

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13 Things to Include in Your Next Powerpoint Presentation
By Scott Gerber | November 24, 2014

Your visual presentation can be improved with these 13 tips and tricks.