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3 Ways to Replace Yourself in Leadership Roles
BY George Brooks

Letting go is never easy, but as a small business owner, you need to focus on high-level strategy while your team handles the day-to-day work. Use these three strategies to get started.

What goes into creating a good performance management plan?
QUESTION | BY Andrew Martins | 3 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/25/20

When it comes to effectively gauging your employees' efficacy, what's your performance management process? What goes into writing a performance management plan? What do you look for in a performance...

PEO Software: How to Choose the Best One for Your Business
BY Joshua Stowers

Find out how to choose the right PEO software for your small business.

6 Tips to Conduct a Successful Video Interview
BY Chris Christoff

With enough preparation, you can hold interviews online that are not only pleasant for both parties but also make the process easier and more manageable.

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The Best Medical Transcription Services of 2020
BY Adam Uzialko

Outsourcing your medical transcription can save you time and improve the accuracy of your clinical documentation and other written records. These are the best medical transcription services of 2020.

Kronos Software Pricing and Costs
BY editorial staff

The price you can expect to pay for Kronos software and equipment

How Leaders Can Master the Art of Empowering Employees
BY Abeer Raza

Employees want to feel important, and when the company they work for believes in their work, they become far more productive and engaged.

Do You Have a Toxic Employee Wreaking Havoc in Your Business?
BY Mike Kappel

When you have toxic employees, employee morale, your business's reputation, even your bottom line take a hit.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Paying Small Business Employees
BY Simone Johnson

When you're a small business owner, there's a lot to be aware of when paying your employees.

How to Empower Your Team to Self-Lead
BY Jared Atchison

Your business is only as strong as the people behind it.

Environmental Scanning: How CEOs Can Stay Ahead of the Curve and Beat the Competition
BY Ken Gosnell

A leader’s biggest regret can be missing a clearly identifiable trend or failing to make a single change that would have been essential to making a key pivot or decision. The CEO has the...

How to Automate Your Business
BY Ibrahim Hanif

Before your business can expand to multiple locations, you need to automate how it runs by establishing a department chart, KPIs and training manuals.

Should You Let Employees Choose Their Own Job Titles?
BY Mona Bushnell

Create relevant job titles for roles in your business, attract and retain top talent, and foster a positive company culture.

A Primer on Timeclock Apps and Your Business
BY Andrew Martins

You need an accurate record of when your employees are on the clock. Here are some apps that can help.

Are the Benefits of Using a PEO Really Worth It?
BY Joshua Stowers

Is a PEO the right HR solution for your business? Learn about the pros and cons of PEOs.

What Services Can a PEO Provide to Your Small Business?
BY Joshua Stowers

Learn more about the HR services PEOs provide.

For Corporate Change, Start With Small Steps
BY Alon Tvina

Change is hard for both individuals and companies, even when the benefits are clear. Whether your goal is corporate digital transformation or something simpler, here's what needs to be done.

Breaking Down the Basics of Great Customer Support
BY Ian Landsman

Learn how to create a friendly and helpful support experience for your customers.

How to Design a Workspace That Improves Productivity
BY Katharine Paljug

The design of your workplace can have a significant effect on productivity. These tips will help you improve the quality of work you do simply by rearranging your space.

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The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020
BY Adam Uzialko

Medical practice management software is essential to the efficient administrative function of a modern medical practice. Here's the best of 2020.