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I've come up with an idea to start a small 3 room hotel. What's the minimum number of employees I need and which employees do I need to hire?
QUESTION | BY Sulanka Thomasz | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/07/19

I'm starting this hotel and planning to expand in future. At the moment I'm working on a budget so I can't hire employees unnecessarily. So I need to know the exact amount of employees required for 3...

7 Steps for Hiring Great Employees
BY Dennis O’Keefe

Making the right hire is critical for small businesses. Here is how to do it.

How to Know Your Numbers and Manage Your Sales Department
BY Susie Carder

In order to be financially successful, it it critical you understand all your numbers.

10 Books You Need To Boost Your Freelance Writing Career
BY Chris Christoff

These books can help you get started as a freelancer.

How to Assemble the Right Team Before Going Public
BY Brady Fletcher

Focus on investment dealers, the media, regulators and retail investors.

What Is Cyber Insurance?
BY Andrew Rinaldi

Here's what small business owners need to know about cyber liability insurance.

How to Improve Your In-House Customer Service Team
BY Thomas Griffin

Use these strategies to improve your customer service team and provide better support.

How Business Transparency Empowers Your Company
BY Colum Donahue

Running your business with transparency builds trust and energizes your organization.

Why You Should Tell Your Employees You're Monitoring Them
BY Kiely Kuligowski

Employee monitoring provides insights into your company, but carefully implement it.

How Remote Businesses Can Attract High Quality Job Candidates
BY Chris Christoff

Remote businesses have even more pressure to high quality employees.

Workforce Monitoring Isn't as Scary as it Sounds
BY David Bloom

Conducting a pre-hire background check isn't always enough for employers

5 Ways To Prepare for a Gen Z Workplace
BY Ben Mizes

To attract and maintain talent, companies must adapt to meet the needs of Gen Z.

Bring Your Own Device to Work: Establishing a BYOD Policy for Your Small Business
BY Dennis O’Keefe

These tips will help you establish a comprehensive policy that protects you and your SMB.

Technology Should Enhance Communication Skills
BY Aisha Babangida

The use of technology shouldn't strip away our communication skills.

Tips on How to Lead a Company in Transition
BY Melissa Powell

Leaders must face every change with discipline, transparency and creativity.

How to Negotiate When Hiring Freelancers
BY Bennett Conlin

Freelance negotiations should focus on finding a fair agreement.

How QA Can Support Businesses in the Journey of Digital Transformation
BY Nadya Knysh

Learn how digital transformations can improve your business.

How Micro-Interns Can Help Your Business
BY Henry Goldbeck

Micro-internships are project-based workers.

How Paternity Leave Can Narrow the Gender Pay Gap
BY Siri Hedreen

The "motherhood penalty" may be inevitable, but fathers can share some of the burden.

The 4 Entrepreneur Personality Types
BY Michelle Arbeau

Are you a pioneer, leader, practical or visionary?