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Human Resources

Here's How to Resolve the Two Biggest Challenges Facing Global Mobility

BY Heather Darby

Overcome the two biggest hurdles to international relocation.

Business and Divorce: How to Prevent Personal Issues from Undermining Productivity

BY Clayton Miller

Help others stay focused, productive and positive during periods of personal difficulties.

Collaboration Improves Workplace Performance. Here's How to Encourage It

BY Stuart Hearn

Employees are more productive and persevere more in collaborative work environments.

What This Retail Pioneer Can Teach You About Strategic Gifting

BY John Ruhlin

Harry Selfridge's gift-giving practices helped propel his brand to success.

Why Do Small Businesses Need a Registered Agent?

BY Deborah Sweeney

Not sure what it means to be a registered agent? We've got your 101 guide.

How to Create a Multigenerational Workplace

BY Lynette Reed

More businesses are benefiting from a multigenerational workforce.

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Do You Have The Right Personality for Your Job?

BY Irfan Jafrey

More than half of American workers want to switch careers. Are you one of them?

Are You Paying a Living Wage?

BY Adam Uzialko

Employees who earn enough to get by improve performance and overall business.

The Management Theory of Mary Parker Follett

BY Sammi Caramela

Mary Parker Follett's management theory exists to increase coordination among workers

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Why Offering Paid Leave Is Good for Your Business

BY Adam Uzialko

It's more of an investment than a simple expense.

Five Must-Read Books to Build a More Engaged Culture in 2018

BY Jason Richmond

Curl up with these books on workplace culture and get ready to transform your company.

Management Theory of Frederick Taylor

BY Sammi Caramela

While Taylor's theory could make for more efficient workers, it is not without its flaws.

Cultivating Innovation in the Office

BY Jill Bowers

Make your workplace ripe for creativity.

I Stopped Apologizing at Work for a Week, and Here's What Happened

BY Sammi Caramela

If you apologize too often, you could seriously damage your career.

Is It Time to Hire a CPA?

BY Matt D'Angelo

Filing your own small business taxes may not be the best practice for you or your business

How Companies Can Change Their Culture to Attract (and Retain) Millennials

BY Sammi Caramela

Is your business ready for millennials? Here's how to recruit and keep this age group.

My client doesn't want to pay for going over budget stating that I was unclear... was I?

QUESTION | BY Victtria Grigaliunas | 24 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/07/18

Prior to beginning a specific design project I submitted a proposal to my client for her review and approval. It clearly specified the projected budget and terms. "Three concepts of the logo will be...

The Management Theory of Max Weber

BY Sammi Caramela

The bureaucratic management theory claims it will increase your businesses efficiency.

5 Best HR and Talent Acquisition Certifications

BY Kim Lindros

For a career in human resources or recruitment, check out these certifications.

The 3 Most Common Complaints About HR Software

BY Stuart Hearn

Find the right software that aligns with your business structure and goals.