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Human Resources

The essential strategies, tactics, and tools you need to manage and grow your human capital.

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Latest: Advice, Tips and Resources in HR Topics

Protect Yourself: LegalZoom Lawyer Discusses How to Shield Your Business From Potential Lawsuits
BY Chad Brooks

Legal compliance in HR issues should be a top priority for every business.

401(k): What Small Businesses Need to Know
BY Chad Brooks

There are few perks workers desire more than 401(k) retirement plans.

Tracking Employee Attendance: What Equipment Do You Need?
BY Skye Schooley

Learn what equipment features you will need for your company's time-tracking system.

Hiring Smart: 10 Do's and Don'ts for Hiring
BY Evyatar Sagie

The right employees can take your business to heights you never imagined.

5 Ways to Empower your Employees in 2019
BY Chris Christoff

Empowered employees are more likely to want to succeed and take on tasks with confidence.

The Future of Tech Outsourcing Partnerships
BY Nacho De Marco

Relationships between businesses and their IT outsourcing partners are changing.

Resource Burn: 4 Things That Are Wasting Your Team's Time
BY Victor Snyder

Reducing waste at your company is vital for ensuring its continued success and longevity.

How to Build Trust at Work With Your Employees
BY Deborah Sweeney

The most trusted institution today is "my employer." Here's what this means for employers.

How the Best Companies Develop Better Employees
BY Melissa Powell

Developing great employees starts with addressing their needs as professionals.

Thinking About Business Insurance? 9 Things to Keep in Mind
BY Scott Gerber

Here are a few things to consider to make sure you're getting what you need.

Where do you keep your customer list if you don't use a CRM software?
QUESTION | BY Anisia Allen | 10 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 01/10/19

I believe my business is still too small to spend money on implementing a CRM software. However, I have begun to accumulate several customers and I don't know where to keep their contact information....

4 Technology Breakthroughs Poised to Improve Healthcare in 2019
BY Kartik Kakar

These technology trends are revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Best Pick
The Best Business VoIP Phone Systems for 2020
BY Chad Brooks

Our team of experts has compared the best VoIP services for 2020. See up-to-date comparisons, reviews and costs for the top rated services.

Top 4 HR Trends for 2019
BY Steffen Maier

We may see a stronger emphasis on a data-driven yet people-first approach.

How to Recognize and Support Employees With Impostor Syndrome
BY Chris Lennon

HR has an important role to play in recognizing and addressing impostor syndrome in the workplace. Learn more about impostor syndrome and how you can work to reduce this feeling among your employees...

5 Tips for Hiring Your First Freelance Writer
BY Syed Balkhi

Follow these smart tips to hire and train a professional writer for your business.

The Pros and Cons of Borrowing From Your 401(k) Plan
BY editorial staff

You can borrow from your 401(k), but is it the best solution to your money problems?

8 Ways to Improve Your Workplace in the New Year
BY Paula Fernandes

The new year is the perfect time to re-engage your workforce and improve your workplace.

How to Effectively Implement Employee Monitoring Software
BY Aigerim Berzinya

Employee monitoring software, when used in a transparent manner, can help your business.

How to Structure Your Workday as a Freelancer
BY David Kirby

Freelancers who work from home must manage their time effectively to stay on task.