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True Team Spirit: How to Take Better Care of Your Coworkers
By Victoria Heckstall | April 15, 2016

Do you want your office life to be more pleasant? If so, give this article a read to find out how to take better care of your coworkers.

A New Hunting Ground: The Changing Face of Job Searches
By Janice Chaka | April 13, 2016

Businesses need to realize that people don't search for jobs the same way that they used to, and how this affects the talent that applies.

Do Nice Businesses Finish First? The Perils of a Toxic Culture
By Robert Glazer | April 13, 2016

Even a company with a good product in a high-growth industry cannot achieve success if leadership creates a toxic company culture.

Follow the Leader: 7 Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies Used by Tech Giants
By Michael Rogers | April 07, 2016

The goal of every motivation and retention strategy is to keep the valuable employees of a company from leaving for the competition.

Divorce Is a Business Threat: Protecting Your Company With a Prenup
By Erik Episcopo | April 01, 2016

Discussing whether your business should be separate or marital property with your partner may not be romantic, but is absolutely necessary.

Recruiting the Best Talent: Tips and Tricks for Finding "The One"
By Rick Riddle | April 01, 2016

If you want to know how to convince the top talent to join your team here are several tips and tricks you should consider.

Workplace Accidents: How to Avoid Them and What to Do When They Happen
By Simon Brisk | March 24, 2016

The truth about workplace accidents, how to avoid them, and what to do if they happen.

Communication Styles: How to Mentor the Introverts in Your Organization
By Janice Chaka | March 23, 2016

Just because someone isn’t a loud, confident person, it doesn’t mean that they cannot bring something positive to your business.

Time Is Money: The 10 Best Time Tracking Tools for Freelancers
By James Richman | March 16, 2016

The traditional model of employment, including the good, old-fashioned nine-to-five office job, are coming under fire.

The Rise of Toxic Leaders And What We Can Do About It
By Ray Williams | March 15, 2016

Toxic leaders are on the rise in our organizations. Effective strategies need to be put in place to fix the problem. Here's what to do about

The C-Suite Responds: Are Piercings & Tattoos in the Workplace Still Taboo?
By Suzanne Lucas | March 09, 2016

If you ever want to get a job, you can't have tattoos or piercings, right?

Plan, Prepare, Conquer: How to Handle Leave of Absences Without Stressing Your Staff
By Suzanne Lucas | March 07, 2016

The last thing you want is to send your remaining staff out on stress leave because of extra work. Here are ways handle leaves of absences.

Land of Opportunity: Top 7 Visas for Foreign Professionals
By Shilpa Malik | March 03, 2016

Looking to hire foreign talent? This article will take a look at seven of the best visas for foreign professionals to enter the U.S.

Following In Zappos Footsteps: Is it Time to Shift to the Holacratic Workplace?
By Genia Stevens | March 01, 2016

Experts agree that the self-management aspect of Holacracy lends itself better to small companies or start-ups rather than large companies.

With Power Comes Pain: The Downsides to Being the Boss
By Suzanne Lucas | February 29, 2016

Being the boss can be super hard. There's a reason managers get paid more than individual contributors. Here are the downsides.

Pets In the Workplace: Is It a Good or Bad Idea?
By Kim Tracy Prince | February 29, 2016

Some cool companies allow dogs, cats, birds, & even turtles and lizards in the office. But not all businesses can host animal team members.

An HR Manager Reveals: Why I Threw Out Your Résumé
By Suzanne Lucas | February 25, 2016

Want to know why you didn't get called for that job? HR manager reveals why some resumes get thrown out.

Generations Divided: Making the Differences Between Gen-X and the Millennials Work for Your Business
By Marisa Sanfilippo | February 20, 2016

Understanding the differences between Gen-X and Millennials will help you hire better.

Big Data, Big Problem: Coping With Shortage of Talent in Data Analysis
By business.com editorial staff | February 19, 2016

Forty percent of companies are struggling to find and retain data analytics talent, and the picture is starting to look even more bleak.

Shallow Pockets: Tips for Hiring Employees on a Limited Budget
By Larry Alton | February 18, 2016

If you’re currently operating within the constraints of a small budget, you’ll have to get creative when hiring new employees.

Times Are Changing: The Future of Performance Management and Reviews
By business.com editorial staff | February 17, 2016

More big name organizations scrapped traditional performance appraisals and it’s expected that significant changes will continue in 2016.

Room for Improvement: How to Build a Better Performance Review System
By business.com editorial staff | February 12, 2016

The traditional annual performance review is outdated for today’s knowledge workers. Here's what you should do instead.

Leading by Bad Example: Famous Leaders You Want to be Nothing Like
By business.com editorial staff | February 09, 2016

Some people lead by example — bad example.

Double Duty for Jack Dorsey: Is It Possible to Successfully Run Two Companies?
By Tom Ireland | February 03, 2016

Twitter took a gamble on Jack Dorsey's return. Has it paid off? A look at how Dorsey has handled being a CEO twice over.

Implementing ERP Solutions: Get Your Employees Excited About the Change
By Aaron Continelli | February 03, 2016

Change is hard. Get employees excited about ERP system implementation with the following tactics. Your work is about to get streamlined!